Shirt Destruction..or house destruction?

I am having a little trouble deciding…am I destructing shirts or am I destructing my house?

Here is my pile of shirts….the 78 I got Wednesday from the thrift store.


Here’ my work place in the living room where I cut up shirts while I am watching television.


Here’s my work station in the sewing room where I iron the pieces.


Here’s my dining table where I am cutting the shirts into a scrap savers system.


I am thinking it’s house destruction….Thankfully I have an understanding family.

7 thoughts on “Shirt Destruction..or house destruction?”

  1. He he, I did the same thing to my house when I was “deconstructing” thrifted shirts. It was out of control!
    In the end, I decided to just iron the shirts and cut strips from the backs, fronts, and sleeves without cutting them apart at all. It worked a whole lot better (and I worked a whole lot less)!

  2. Wow…I’m impressed with your organization! What a great idea to have all those stations ready to work right away. I’m going to keep that idea in mind the next time I cut up jackets or shirts.

  3. Whirlwind of Creativity — that’s my vote. I’m curious what scrap saving system you use? I’ve never used one but it seems like it would be handy. I’d love any info you have. (Hmmm, like a how to post… hint hint…)

  4. WoW Jo, I am impressed, you are so organized. I can’t wait to see what they turn into. You need my 1600 sq ft basement to work in. I keep station tables up all the time so I can “chain work” like you are, or as Steve says “Jeanne is on the “chain gang” working and thinks he is so funny. Drop in and check out my blog it has come together pretty good, open for advice and critique. All of you slip over and check it out and if you are so inclinedd sign up wia Google Friend Connect and I will sure follow your blogs ~ tweets ~ etsy’s, etc..

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