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A week or so ago I said I was challenging myself to get my cotton shirts under control. Find that post here if you missed it.  I had three garbage bags stuffed with them.  I decided that enough was enough and if I didn’t make some sort of plan for them that I was never going to make any progress.

My challenge was to cut up and de-bone a couple each day.  I was trying for five.  I’ve certainly averaged that.  See my progress.  I even have them toted and organized by color.


I am VERY happy with my progress.  I have the biggest bag all done.  I’m about half was through the next bag.

When we went garage saling I found this awesome basket.  It is huge.  I dumped an entire garbage bag full of shirts into it. I love the basket.  It’s in mint condition.  The lady said it wasn’t for sale.  She “high-balled” me what she thought was an outrageous price-$10.  I snapped it up.  It’s in mint condition.  In town it would have likely been $40.  I know it will be used lots in the sewing room.


I am vowing that this is going to get emptied before I am back and going childcare regularly again.

I am also vowing that never again will I have shirts that aren’t cut up and de-boned within a couple days from the day they come home.  I can’t get like this again.

I did realize that my totes are filling fast so I picked up two more in town.  I think I’ll need two for neutrals.  That’s an awesome “problem” to have.

Has anyone else made progress on their shirts.  I know so many of you were in a similar situation as I was….wanting to make shirt quilts but needing to de-bone first.

I’ll let you in a little secret.  Coming up in the near future I am having a giveaway…all my yokes are going into a box and some lucky blog reader is going to get them.  Keep posted.  It’s going to happen on the day my last shirt is cut up and it’s only going to last one day….hmmm.  Any guesses on what day that might be??

7 thoughts on “Shirt Challenge”

  1. I admire you so much! Even when you are in the midst of a major health battle, you still accomplish something. You have no idea how inspirational you are. We have never met, but I feel like you are one of my best quilting friends. I have been praying for you and will continue to pray that you win this battle and return to good health.

  2. I to must confess to a shirt problem, a group near me put out the call for teen boy fabric.
    So I will be heading into Portland with some for this group. I can’t think of a better way to burn though some of them…

  3. I love the idea of a shirt quilt! I think I need to start a separate stash for them! Thank you for being so inspirational. It is wonderful to see someone who is so involved in giving back with charity quilts, sharing your ingenuity with your blog readers, and sharing your wonderful life with your readers also. Thank you!

  4. I just deboned another shirt for my small stash of them. Kudos on your tidy bins! When I have enough, my goal is an all-shirt quilt front and back. I may try piecing a cotton batting from trimmings for a zero cost quilt. But if the top turns out well I may may even splurge on a Quilters Dream Green so the quilt will be 100% recycled!

  5. When I first saw a quilt made from deboned shirts, I wanted to make one. So I started checking the thrift stores and was quickly discouraged. They were charging $2 to $5 each. That was too much for me. So I’ll be looking forward to your giveaway and entering. It was good news that your cancer hasn’t spread and good luck with your treatments. You are in my prayers. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I was one of the ones deboning along with you. I counted this morning, and ONLY have 37 more to go! I’ve been housesitting for a friend, and while I bought my featherweight, one of my goals was to get the shirts done. I am possibly going to go back to work in 2 months, so need to get all this stuff done quickly so I am ready to go. I would only have a week plus a day if I did 5 a day. I’m test knitting a shawl so that is taking a lot of my time. Plus my RSC16 stuff. So many projects!

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