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Kalissa and I have been answering so many questions about the latest goodies in her Etsy shop.  Well, I haven’t been really answering…I just forward the questions to her.  I am only an advisor in her business…like telling her to make an image bigger or smaller for her shirts.  I know nothing about inventory or how she orders.

If you didn’t know, you call bought out her sweatshirts lickity split.  Like nada…none left unless there was maybe one 3XL left.  She talked to Stacey her printing guru because so many of you were disappointed that your item sold out.  Stacey was so kind and is willing to let Kalissa take orders over the weekend and then she’ll put a rush order on the shirts and sweatshirts and print them as quickly as she can get the shirts from the company.  We’re all super excited about this and hope you are too.  This way you can order whatever you want and nothing will be out of stock.

There is a catch though.  You have to place your order by November 22nd at 7 am and you have to be willing to wait for 3 weeks to get your order.

Kalissa explains it all so much better.  I am stealing her blog post and reprinting it here…

Kalissa writes:
“I didn’t even have a chance to make a full blog post about the new releases that were posted on Monday! I shipped out the last of the orders yesterday afternoon – that is 75+ orders packaged and out the door in 24 hours! I was WHOOPED but I just love love love sale days 🙂

Before we go any further, if you want to take a look at the shop, here’s the link:

I cannot continue this post without acknowledging my insanely talented, smart, and kind screen-printer Stacy. Without her knowledge, guidance, and her business, I wouldn’t have a business. She encouraged me to jump into new software (Adobe Illustrator) and is always there to settle creative differences between my mom and I. Stacy if you’re reading this I’m so grateful for our friendship and business partnership.

New to the Etsy shop includes Be Kind to Your Mind tee and long sleeve tee! I worked with a local artist to create the floral and you can read here on how I decided on the quote to go along with it! I’m a shirt gal, but I can’t keep all the shirts I make or I’d have a closet bursting at the seams! I kept the long sleeve orange one – mostly because I don’t have a ton of long sleeve shirts and my Take a Hike shirt is the same material fabric and I love how cozy that one is!

Our first Quilting SWEATSHIRT which has totally sold out except for 3XL! Because of the sell out, we went to re stock and re order the sweatshirts when I had an idea. We are going to try something we’ve never tried before which is to PRE ORDER the sweat shirts! You will go through the exact same order process as you normally would when buying a sweatshirt with the understanding that the sweat shirt will not be shipped for 2-3 weeks to allow for production and printing time. It could very easily be shipped out in just 1 week but with shipping delays and fluctuating inventory, I think telling you 2-3 weeks (still should be before Christmas) your hoodie sweatshirt will be shipped out to you! because these are made to order, I will also be offering the same color/design in CREW NECK sweat shirts! You’ll just make your selection when you place your order! Here is the difference in the crew neck/hoodie!

At this time, we will not be offering this pre-order with any other designs, this will be a test to see how it goes and how it sells! Again, we’ve never done this before! Oh my gosh guys, these are the COZIEST sweatshirts EVER!

Do NOT size up – order your true to size shirt – if you’ve ordered from me before the sizing is the EXACT same as the previous shirts! I’m always tempted to size up when it comes to sweatshirts but I don’t recommend that with the Bella + Canvas sweatshirts! They are TRUE to size 🙂

Here’s how to order our most popular design yet – here is a link to the listing:

  1. Go to the listing, select the size and whether you’d like a hoodie or a crew neck.
  2. Check out as per usual.
  3. Your sweatshirt will be shipped within 2-3 weeks!I love this MACHINE-ist tee which has also almost sold out – there is a small amount of each size but these really took off. I’m thinking about printing this on another color – I’m just obsessed with this design! Mom and I designed this shirt in the lobby at Mayo clinic waiting for her appointments. It’s actually a really fun memory for me and we love this tee!

I love this MACHINE-ist tee which has also almost sold out – there is a small amount of each size but these really took off. I’m thinking about printing this on another color – I’m just obsessed with this design! Mom and I designed this shirt in the lobby at Mayo clinic waiting for her appointments. It’s actually a really fun memory for me and we love this tee!

Another new design we launched was also designed in the lobby of Mayo Clinic! CUT – SEW – PRESS! Mom and I rarely disagree but we went back and forth on this design for HOURS – we FINALLY got the layout JUST RIGHT and then we argued about what color shirt and what color ink to use. Despite all of that friendly fire, we are both so pleased with the outcome and we’ve had so many people request a long sleeve tee – we were happy to deliver that option! Mom kept two of these shirts – one for good and one for home because she loves it that much!

And finally, STATIONARY! I sold 45 stationary kits in 12 hours – message received! YOU GUYS LOVE this stationary! I love it too! I’m working to quickly restock this again! I’ve wanted to release a product for months now but it’s such a risk if it doesn’t work out! I feel so confident placing a second order now because they went over so well. Thank you so much for the support, I can’t wait to hear your feedback! Because it was SO POPULAR I’ll also be holding a pre-order for the stationary as well! I’ve changed the processing time to 2-3 weeks – same timeline as the sweatshirts so if you order a sweat shirt and stationary, I’ll ship them together! I’ve had some trouble with the note pad design so there may be a slight difference from the pictures as I might switch it up a bit but you’ll receive the same amount of cards! Again, please place your order by next Monday, November 22nd at 0700 to make sure you are guaranteed a set!

Here is the link to the stationary:

It was by far my biggest Etsy sale day I’ve had since I launched the shop in late March. I’m so appreciative of your support, I really am. My mom and I have SO MUCH FUN creating new designs, packaging orders, deciding on colors, it’s so so fun for us. I’m the only Kramer gal who isn’t very crafty, I’m new a quilter or a sewer so for mom and I to have this business that is “quilting related” makes me feel like I fit in a little more and it is a great bonding experience!

If you’ve received your order, let me know what you think! I’m so surprised with how quickly people are receiving their orders after they’ve been dropped in the mail! As always, I’d love it if you’d leave the products a review! Along with all the new designs, the old designs are STEEPLY discounted so check em out!

Thanks so much, guys <3 Here’s the link to my shop!

(P.S. I think a sweatshirt and a stationary kit would make for a GREAT gift!!)

Remember, you can find the link to her shop HERE.

5 thoughts on “Shirt and Sweatshirt Update”

  1. Hi Jo
    I love reading your posts and I love the clothes modelled on your latest post. I would gladly buy them but being in Australia I don’t think that would be possible. If it is please let me know. Your daughter is very talented which is hardly surprising with you as her mother. I would so wear them.
    God bless you and your family.


  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I must tell you, the two of you make a great team and your marketing of the shirts totally induced me to order a short sleeve, long sleeve and sweatshirt IMMEDIATELY because I knew they would run out – so adorable. I love the fact that the shirts are so soft and cuddly right out of the packaging (which Kalissa does so very nicely) and stay that way. I have 5 or 6 of her shirts now (and I ordered another one just yesterday) – so for the sake of my closet, will you please slow down on designing more shirts??

  3. I was completely flooberwoozled by how fast my shirts arrived!! They are SO SOFT !1 I’ve just ordered a couple more for gifts – no rush!!!!

  4. Cheryl in Dallas


    I’m waiting for you to come up with a shirt that says “Runs with scissors, Sews over pins.”

    Yep, living dangerously!

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