Shhh..Don’t Tell Kelli What I’m Working On.

I’ve been good.  I’ve been very good.   I finished the quilt top for a deadline quilt.  I made backing and binding and even finished the whole quilt.  I’ve been sewing on the next quilt too.

…but I’ve been a little bad too.  Not really…just a little.

I was going stir crazy working on all the have to projects so I did a little leader and endering…and a couple burst of 15 minutes to myself sewing and ended up with…

more spools…I added about a dozen to the stack.


and more Lazy Sunday…I have all of the first blocks done.  Now I have 6 of the second set done.  Slow and steady….right??


Don’t tell Kelli though.  I am suppose to be working really hard on making the labels…and sewing the next deadline quilt.  What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her…and the 15 minutes here and there is keeping me sane!

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Oh and before you go, here’s a link to our Charity Quilt blog post for Advil’s Relief in Action project.

2 thoughts on “Shhh..Don’t Tell Kelli What I’m Working On.”

  1. Your spools are too cute. I like your red blocks too. I won’t breathe a word to Kelli and she wouldn’t mind, I’m sure. She wants you to be a happy camper, right??

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