Shelf Liner Saga

So when we moved I did the whole shelf liner debated.  I wanted to protect my cabinets but I just hate shelf liner.  I have never had a good experience with it.  I’ve used the stick on kind and one of these things happen…
-I cut it croaked.
-I get a bubble in it
-It lifts in one spot, gets some flour on the sticky side and won’t lay down
-It a color and I paint the cabinets and it no longer matches.
-It’s expensive so I am out of money before I am done

This time around with the kitchen I had a new plan.  I was going to use remnant linoleum instead.  I got the idea because one of the cabinets we bought had some in it.

In the end it’s cheaper than shelf liner.  It’s more durable and for me, easier to work with.

I start out with the linoleum and measuring tools.  After I measure the shelf I want, I measure and cut the linoleum to that size.


I lay it on the shelf and I’m done.


Doesn’t it look nice?

It’s so simple and easy…It’s especially easy to clean and what’s not to love about easy to clean?

I had all the cabinet done except for one…but now that one is done too!  I love completing tasks.  Every time I open one of the cupboards and take something out I can’t help but smile.  It looks so good.

6 thoughts on “Shelf Liner Saga”

  1. I love your idea! We sold a house and bought a new one. In the old house I had the gridded rubber liner in the pantry and it stuck to the painted shelves and made a huge mess. Had to scrape the shelves with a paint scraper to get it off, and it took off a lot of the paint. In our new house the previous owner had something down that looked like it really worked well but it was kind of fuzzy on top and stiff on bottom and we didn’t know what it was so I removed it. I’ve been putting down contact paper and I too don’t like using it for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I’m not completely done so I might be going out and searching for some linoleum to finish it.

  2. I have used flannel-backed plastic tablecloth.. easy to cut… wide… cheap on a role at the discount fabric places ,etc. works perfectly

  3. Been using your idea for years and it works great! Is really good under the sink if that’s where you store your trash can like I do. If someone misses the can it is so easy to wipe up the mess!

  4. When we moved last year, I put vinyl in all my cabinets. And you are right-it cost less than shelf liners, easier to work with and last forever.

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