She May Look Like an Innocent

That dog of mine…she might look like an innocent..but she’s not.


Last week the spare refrigerator in the garage decided to not work so the milk for the childcare kids spoiled.  UGH.  That left me needing milk.  I only had a few kids here so we packed up into my triple stroller and headed to the convenience store with the promise of an ice cream treat…and milk.

Well now days we don’t really go on any walk without Ruby.  She will howl and howl while we are gone.  I’ll hear her howling when we are four blocks away.  It’s easier just to take her with and the childcare kiddos love walking her.  So off we went me, five kids and Ruby.

Once we got to the convenience store I tried to figure out where we could hook Ruby up to so we could go in the store.  I ended up hooking her leash to the dumpster thinking she’d love those nasty smells.

We went inside to find out that the ice cream machine was broke so we got a different treat…then I got the milk and we were out the door ready to grab Ruby and walk home.

Well…guess what?!  NO RUBY.  The kids were panicked..I was panicked.  How was I going to look for a dog when I had five kids with me?

We weren’t very far from Kalissa’s house so I thought maybe Ruby would catch a scent and go there looking for Betsy so we headed that way.  A half a block later and the kids over their panic already- wanting their candy opened so they could eat it.  I stopped and opened the candy then convinced the kids to all yell “RUBY” at once so we did.

I really didn’t have any hope that she would show up…but she did.  The kids were so happy.  I was happy too.  I was ELATED!  She doesn’t always come when I call her especially when she is on the loose.  Boy was I thankful.  I couldn’t imagine working the rest of the day worrying about where she was.

On her short adventure she did find something really nasty to roll in though…see…that Ruby dog is not he sweet innocent thing that you see pictured on quilts all the time.  She still has a bit of spunk in her…which in the long run, I’ll take.  She worries me from time to time but I wouldn’t be without her.

3 thoughts on “She May Look Like an Innocent”

  1. She looks so innocent and sad in this picture. Was this taken after her adventure, and did you scold her? I really enjoyed the story, even if it did cause a moment on panic.

  2. I feel your pain! One of mine, who is old to the point of senility, stole my sandwich off my plate today!!! I will admit to being a little distracted, but the plate was on my lap!! Glad you found her!!! Those noses get them in trouble more often than not!!!

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