Sharing Space

Remember last week I told you about Ruby’s “miss-adventure” in the bay window and my plant.

Well Ruby has officially figured out how to jump in the window.  Kelli took two days off work as a birthday present to herself.  She is home today with her beagle, Puppycat.  Ruby is always picking on Puppycat trying to get her to play or wrestle.  When Puppycat gets tired of it, she jumps in the window to get away from Ruby.  Previously Ruby couldn’t make it into the window so Puppycat would jump in the window and get a from Ruby and take a nap.

Saturday, that all changed.

Ruby jumped into the bay window right after Puppycat and both of them were in the window.  Puppycat was really surprised…then she was really sad.

No more window respite from Ruby.  Thankfully for Puppycat, Ruby still won’t go up the flight of stairs to get to the upper level of the house so she can at least go upstairs to get away from Ruby.

3 thoughts on “Sharing Space”

  1. They look so cute together! Animals are so much fun. Our cat Miss Kitty goes behind some old wagon wheels that we have in our living room to hide from our Akita. We have come to call it her prison cell. My husband has even put a little pad behind the wheels so she has a soft bed.

  2. Too cute! That happened with our two, only it was jumping on the bed! I’ve seen that look that’s on Puppycat’s face! I think it translates into “Great! Now where can I hide?!!” :)

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