Sewing Yes…Quilting NO!

I’ve been sewing away…..
Not with this.

With this!
Yes my serger.  I am not a huge fan of my serger.  When it’s working I LOVE it.  When it isn’t working….I HATE it.  It’s kind of like the computer….best friend, worst enemy all in one package.

I have been making layettes for our church’s mission project with Lutheran World Relief.  The layettes are due in early April so I have been petal to the medal making cloth diapers, wash cloths, and recieving blankets.    When all is said and done I will have made, 384 cloth diapers, 192 wash cloths and 100 recieiving blankets.
To put together a layette I need 4 cloth diapers, 2 wash cloths, 2 recieving blankets, 1 bar of soap, 2 onsies, 2 sleepers, a sweater and 2 diaper pins.  Throughout the year I garage sale and thrift store shop to find as much as I can.  I never find diapers and wash cloths so I buy flannel sheets and make them into diapers and recieving blankets.  I purchase knit t-shirt fabric and make that into wash cloths. 

If you’re wondering how to make cloth diapers, here’s a post from awhile back that explains the process.

This year, I ended up collecting more ever.  It feels like I have been locked to the serger.  After today, I hope to pin the pins on my last layette making it number 96 for the year so far…I usually send another batch in the fall.   I am anxiously awaiting the moment becasue then I can start sewing with my Bernina instead of that serger….

If you ever have onsies, sleepers, or sweatshirts, used flannel or flannel sheets, or knit fabric, feel free to send them my way and I’ll put them together in layettes which will be given to Lutheran World Relief.  They distribute them all over the world to people in need.  Someone asked me why I do all this work….I just can’t imagine being a pregnant mother with nothing…nothing to care for the new baby.  It’s definately worth me giving my time and money just to give the mom hope and the baby a start.

P.S.  If you are lucky enough to be sewing…Check out the giveaway over at Green Fairy.

4 thoughts on “Sewing Yes…Quilting NO!”

  1. May the Lord smile upon you and give you grace. Thank you for your giving nature and talents. I too can not amagine not having anything for my child. Thank you

  2. WOW is all I can say! I have some knit fabric that is in baby prints that I never did get sewn for either of my boys that I would be glad to send…most of it is nice knit from Mill End Textiles. Send me your address and I’ll mail if after spring break.

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