Sewing with Kalissa

Awhile ago Kalissa and I had an outing which brought us to a quilt shop.  She had loved the quilt she’s showing off and we ended up buying the panel to make it.  (you can read about the shopping trip here)


At the time we bought it I really-really hoped that Kalissa would made the quilt herself.  She said she would and I offered to purchase the needed things if she would.  I’d be lying, though, if I didn’t half way expect to have to make it for her.

While I was off recovering from my foot surgery she came over.  She wanted to work on that quilt….Hmmm I thought, she just might do this.  Well as they say, seeing is believing so I was still a little skeptical…our day ended up going like this….

First off I asked her what she wanted to do with the panel.  Kalissa has not expressed an interest in quilting before so I didn’t want to push her into something she wasn’t ready for.  I know her and she’s not super patient either.

She said she wanted a border around the panel but wanted it scrappy….PERFECT!

I told her to start out by ironing her panel…she did!


Then I sent her into the closet (where I keep my bright fabric) and pick out some coordinating fabric that she liked….She did!


Then I showed her how to use the rotary cutter and ruler.  I had her cut 3 1/2″ strips.  She did!  Then I had her cut them into random lengths….she did that too!


She was so proud of her little assortment of fabrics.


Then I had her start sewing them together.  She did it!!


It was so fun.  I could see her face light up each time she completed a step.  It really made me smile too.

She was so happy to be sewing on the $1 Singer (read about the $1 machine here).  She likes it as it sews more slowly.  She feels like she has more control.

About then the guys came home and we ended our sewing session…but to my surprise bright and early the next morning she texted me and asked if it was a sewing day.  Honestly, I about fell over.  I knew the previous day went well but was shocked to see she was up early and wanting to sew.  I NEVER in my entire life dreamed Kalissa would be texting me asking me if I wanted to sew with her!

In a short time she had one side on her quilt!  Look how happy she is!!  My smile was just as big!  I started teasing her saying she needed to place the hippo right over the baby…and she did.  I’m so glad she can laugh and find joy in her changing body!!


In the end she got all the borders on her quilt.  That was as much sewing as she had time for.  My task is to clean up in the sewing room a bit so we can find the pantograph design she wants to try on it.  I really want to try the pantograph myself first.  Remember I’ve never done a pantograph design with my machine before?  Luckily Marion sent me a bunch of baby quilts for charity quilting.  They will be perfect for me to practice on.

While she was sewing up a storm I was hemming the swaddle cloth that we had bought.  She now has four little swaddlers for babe.


It was such a fun day.  I’m really hoping she might take to sewing…at least a little bit.

She did discover that she cut out too many border pieces.  I suggested that maybe she make a matching pillow with them.  She actually seemed to like the idea…hmmm.  I just might have her hooked.

11 thoughts on “Sewing with Kalissa”

  1. It is fun to see someone so happy….I agree–she is really pretty and so cute pregnant….People tell me though that you don’t maybe feel that way though this far along…..

  2. Amy fingers are crossed that she keeps up her interest. She looks great and healthy. Looking forward to her due date, so exciting.

  3. Oh, I forgot……..the $1.00 Singer looks just like the one I got for Christmas in 1967 from Buddy Boy……6 or 7 years ago he bought me a quilting system.

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