Sewing Sleeves

I’ll admit…I hate sewing sleeves on quilts.  I am always just ready to be done with a quilt by the time the sleeve sewing needs to happen.  Well  I’ll admit, I have a couple quilts that I put the sleeve on but never sewed it down.  These all hung on a rack that didn’t have a rod but I put the sleeve on anyway thinking that one day I might have a different quilt rack.

Well we were getting things ready and out for the garage sale and ugh….I had FIVE wall hangings that didn’t have the sleeve sewn down on.  I grabbed a needle and thread during nap time and started stitching.

You can see the quilts aren’t super wide so the task wasn’t horrible…but still not my favorite.

I have to say that sewing on sleeves and labeling are my very-very least favorite part of quilting…what’s yours?

16 thoughts on “Sewing Sleeves”

  1. My least favorite part is making the quilt sandwich. My favorite parts are shopping my stash for just the right fabric, cutting out and piecing.

  2. I struggle with borders – choosing them, measuring them, sewing them on and then liking them when I finally get them on. Several of the last few quilts have been ‘borderless’ and I really like them!

  3. I don’t like doing the binding. Have never put a sleeve on a quilt, but will have to put them on 5 different sized quilts for our quilt show in July. I’m guessing I’m not going to like that job either!! LOL My favorite part is piecing the top.

  4. I love doing binding. In fact, I love it so much I do it for other people for pay! :-) I do hate, detest really, the sleeves! ugh!

  5. I don’t like measuring and sewing on borders. I’m usually on my knees on the floor for this step. I find the hand work of binding and sleeves peaceful to do with the family in the evenings.

  6. I love making blocks, the cutting, the sewing, the pressing. So much fun! I could make blocks all day long. The sashing and sewing the blocks into rows bores me to tears. That’s why I have lots of blocks sitting around waiting to be sewn into quilts.

  7. I don’t like doing the mitered corners on the binding. I have trouble getting them to look like they should. Sewing the binding gives me lots of thinking time.

  8. I agree with Diane from WA. Binding is my least favorite, and I love piecing and making blocks. I don’t enjoy doing borders much, either.

  9. Basting is my least favorite part of making a quilt. I baste with needle and thread on the floor. Favorite part is hand quilting all the quilts I make. I enjoy cutting and making up designs for quilts but now I have too many quilts in line to be quilted so better stop making tops for awhile after I get the four pieced that I’m working on now. Lots of cutting this week–I started a new envelop for you, Jo.

  10. I have developed a taste for binding, but I used to HATE it. I hate picking the quilting design. . .I never know what to do and then I worry that I will ruin all of the beautiful piecing. I am working to adjust my attitude about scrap management. . . I started the Bonnie system, but need to work out time to tackle the backlog for the years I didn’t use the system.

  11. beverly schwartz

    old friend i just love reading about your life and kelli and the rest of your family love doing quilts i haven’t done any of your patterens but hope to try some

  12. I have to agree with you about sewing sleeves on. Actually any handwork, mostly because of the arthritis in my hands, but sleeves are so boring.

  13. I put a triangle in each corner on the top backside and sew it in when attaching my binding. This method works great for small projects.

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