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I have gotten so many requests for a sewing room tour.  I’ve been hesitant to do that as things aren’t actually all in place.  After getting more requests I finally decided to just do it.  Remember, like the rest of the house, it’s a work in progress.

Here I am standing on the south side of the room looking north.


Here I am at the north side of the room looking south.  The room is pretty big – 20 x 14′.


Like the whole house we still need trim in the quilting room.

The door way you see goes back into the hallway.  The cabinet I got a LONG time ago from Hubby’s boss’ wife.  It was some funky color back then.  I stripped it.  I am just guessing and would say I’ve had it 20 years.  I put the risers under it and use this as my cutting table.


Here’s my treadle.  The big yellow tin is my button box.  That is the east wall.


This is the south wall.  This is my ice chest.  Hubby and I bought it in Decorah at an antique shop.  At this point the windows are curtain-less and likely will stay that way.  I love the light and could care less if anyone can see in and see me sewing.


Turning the corner to the west wall…now there are boxes.  All of this will eventually get unpacked and put into the cabinet that Hubby and I need to start working on.  For now, I have the ironing board there.  I am guessing if the cupboard ever gets done we’ll just put the ironing board in front of it.

Right now the door here just goes out into open space.  Eventually we’ll put a deck out there with stairs to the ground.  We can’t get our furniture up the regular staircase so we put the door in to help with that.


Turning again to the north wall is my quilting machine.  I have it far enough away from the wall that I can easily access the rear of the machine now.  At the farm house I couldn’t do that.  I have WAY to much stuff stored underneath it but…it is what it is.  That’s a charity quilt on the frame waiting for me to get some time to quilt it.


Turning the corner is the door to my closet.  Yep…More quilting and crafting goodies…  It’s a nice big walk in closet with plenty of room.  It doesn’t look it, but it’s actually pretty organized.  I can find what I need and that’s good enough for me.


In the center of the room is my spot for the table and sewing machines.  Right now the Pfaff is to the left and Bernina to the right.  I sew on the Pfaff Grand Quilter when I’m upstairs.  Poor Kelli has to sew on the Bernina.


I am sure I’ll get asked so I’ll just tell you that most of the quilts seen are all Country Threads’ patterns.  You can find them all in this book, The Blue and the Gray: Quilt Patterns using Civil War Fabrics, from the gals at Country Threads.  It’s an excellent book that I have via ebook and LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it.

I’d like to get a bigger farm  house table for the center so we could fit a third or fourth quilter there but for now, I am happy with the room.  If only I had a little more time to use it…but even that is getting a little better.

I have every intention of this to be a working quilting room.  It will likely never be this clean again….

18 thoughts on “Sewing Room Tour”

  1. Your sewing room is lovely! I was curious as to what it looked like and am glad you finally shared! I’m sure you’ll spend many enjoyable hours in it!

  2. You have a fabulous sewing room Jo! Thanks for sharing! It’s been fun watching your new home come together :o)

  3. Jo, your space looks wonderful…from your cheerful choice of colour on the wall, to your cozy braided rug on the floor! Huge and open, a space most quilters dream of! A wonderful room for you and Kelli to have tons of creative fun in! WOW!!

  4. What a great sewing room!! With so much space….and all the natural light…a great space for creating lots of quilty projects….Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lynne in Hawaii

    Looking great! Don’t worry about storing stuff under your long arm. Look at Bonnie’s…looks to me like you still have some storage space under there:-) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Almost as I pictured it was back before the walls were even completed. I love all the natural light you have, I wouldn’t cover it with curtains either. I just have 1 window facing South so I need to be looking at some sort of lights to attach to wall over cutting table & sewing table as well. Love your Woman Cave!!

  7. Jo, You have come a long way from the day you showed us the home you purchased. Lovely sewing room, love the way you have it set up, very inviting with such a homey feel. You will eventually get those boxes taken care of, don’t stress about it as you have all you need taken care of. I don’t have curtains on the windows in my sewing room either, love the light coming in.

  8. I also agree about using the space under the longarm-I have mine full on both sides with the 3 drawer rolling carts. Now, to get fabric organized and start using out of them. The quilts I am starting in July with you and Bonnie should sure help! :) What a great room! I hope things settle down and you get to spend as much time as you can in it! HUGS, Nell

  9. I just love your sewing room! We have used yellow in several of our homes and are always pleased with how it turns out! Hubby talked me into moving to a bigger place back in February and I’m so glad I let him as I have also have a sewing room!

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