Sewing Room Tour

Hey you all…Today’s the day.  I am showing off my sewing room!!  I am so excited!!  This is a dream come true for me.  I couldn’t be happier.

Let me start my story at the beginning.  We bought a foreclosure house in 2013.  We remodeled it in 2014 and moved with it still unfinished in 2015.  We had trim to do, and my trim in my sewing room still isn’t done.

For the first few years of living here, I went with the flow.  I didn’t spend any extra money in the sewing room.  I lived with whatever we had and made it work.  In the Spring of 2019, I started getting frustrated.  I wanted to take more pictures and possibly start doing videos but I always thought my space was not nice looking.  It looked like a jumbled mess.  I vowed that I wanted a space that I’d classify more like a studio and less of a sewing space so I bit the bullet and started the remodel with my closet.

I bought new shelving.  It was an improvement…but I still didn’t love it.  I bought the white totes thinking they were just what I needed.  I used them for a bit but finally found what I really liked a year later.  I broke the bank and bought the “right” totes.

Here is a before and after.  Above is the before.  Below is the after.  All of the totes are unform and nice now.  I love it.   All are see through.

I bought this shelving from Amazon.  I bought these totes from Amazon.  On the opposite wall in the closet, I bought this shelving as it fit the space better.   I’m super happy with the change.

That was all good and well and I was very happy with the improvements.  BUT.  I didn’t love the main area of space.  I tried to love it.  I just didn’t.  Here are some pictures of how it was…

I had so many of these three-tiered drawer units.  I didn’t mind them under the longarm, but I hated them everywhere else.  They are so cheap plastic looking.  I wanted more than that.  By all means, if you have these, it’s entirely okay.  I’ve had them for over 20 years.

It was all cluttered looking for me.

How I had it was okay but I wasn’t satisfied.  It all felt cluttered to me…it all felt a little “cheap plastic” and unmatched furniture.

I waited for inspiration…nothing came so I sewed on.  Then in early October
I was on Youtube and watched this Lori Holt video…

and was so inspired.  She showed off her sewing room and I loved it!!  She had some ideas that would work for me and that’s when I got the kick in the pants I needed.  I decided I was going to do this!  I didn’t care if I had to tap into my savings account.  I was going to fix my sewing room….and over the last two months, that has been my main concentration.

One of the hang-ups I had is I could see how those colors were perfect for Lori’s set up.  I didn’t want those colors for me…but I couldn’t figure out what colors I did want.  That’s when I remembered how much I loved that last piece I chalk painted in my living room.  It was gray.  Yep, gray would work for my color as I wanted to keep the dark wood.  What would go with that?  Well, of course, my favorite color ever, RED!   So the theme was picked.  Dark wood, gray, and pops of red.

I was so blessed along the way to find good pieces at the thrift stores and vintage sales to make this all happen for a reasonable price.  This dresser was $40.   I bought this dresser at the thrift store.  I bought a piece of plywood and made a top of it.  The top has batting, ironing board fabric, and fabric over the top so I can use the entire surface like an ironing board.
Currently, one end is a cutting station and the other is where I iron.

This is the big red tin cabinet that we hoisted up through the upper door.

This is my former living room television that was moved to the sewing room and mounted.  When I had my old television, I couldn’t see the words on the television it was so small.  This is actually bigger than I need but, it’s what I had and I’m okay with that.  In fact, I love it.

The dresser below houses my batiks.  I bought it for $50 at the vintage sale I went to.  Karl shined up the handles so nice for me.

This is another dresser I bought at the thrift store.  This one was $50.  It is the anchor for my island.  I bought new handles for the drawer on Amazon.  Find them HERE.  They are MUCH more reasonably priced than the big box stores.

My Singer 15-91 in it’s cabinet butts up to the island.  I designed it that way.  I love my 15-91 and I wanted her to stay in the room and be incorporated into the mix.  I think I did a good job with that.

Here are my African Violets.  I painted the old piano bench I already had and the wicker basket below it.

This is a cabinet Kramer redid.  I love it.  There are many goodies on the shelves and my UFO projects are in the lower cabinets.

This is my machine on the opposite end of the island.  This is my primary work station.  I have a set of drawers on the left that I got at the thrift store years ago that I painted.  I have wooden TV trays on the right.  I like to work in a “U” shape if possible.  With the remodel, I have learned that I’m going to need a new chair here.  My Pfaff sits up high enough that I need a chair that can adjust in height.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

The top for the island came from Menards.  It was the big expense to the room at around $300.  I didn’t buy a fancy version…just a functional one.

This is the north wall.  I still have these plastic totes and I’ll continue to work to find something different here but what I need is so specific that it will be next to impossible to find.  I want dressers that are about 28″ tall.  UGH.  For now, this is fine.

On the east wall are two doors.  On the right is the exit out of the room.  I had Buck hang my dry erase board there on the back of the door.  The door on the left is my closet door and I already showed you that.

This is the north Franklin treadle is there along with a stack of quilts.

This is the view to the left when I walk in the main door.

That little red cabinet was perfect in size.  I adore it.  That was one of my finds at the vintage sale.  I think it was $27.  Totally worth it.  I’m so in love with it.

I put all of my thread for the longarm in the tin cans of the shelving unit.  It’s nice and close and made other space available for other things.  I LOVE the shelf.  It was at the same vintage market for $37.   The frame above the cabinet is waiting for me to finish a wool applique piece.

I’m loving my sewing room.  I shot a video of the whole room and explained a lot more.  I think the video is easier to see and get a better feel for the room.

Here’s the video.

I’m hoping it might inspire a few of you like Lori Holt’s video inspired me.  I’m so thankful she did the video.  It was just what I needed to give me that kick to get going.

I’m going to be pro-active and guess some of the questions before you ask them.  Here goes…

I did paint a lot of the wooden pieces to bring them together and not look quite so random.  This is the paint I used.  I was a little nervous about it as in the past I’ve only used Annie Sloan.  I LOVED this….It’s MUCH cheaper too.  It is Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Charcoal.

I used this over the top…Rustoleum Aged Glaze.

I know lots of people poo-poo chalk paint and think it’s not keeping in the integrity of the piece.  Trust me, anything I painted was not compromised by the chalk paint.  It was all furniture that was 70’s-ish or was an antique piece that someone else had already ruined the integrity of.  For me, I felt the paint unified my room.  This is the before picture of two of the dressers.

Yep, they needed paint.

I showed it in the video but not in the pictures.  I bought this rolling cart.  You can find it HERE.

I can’t say enough good things about these totes.  These are what I have and happily, they work perfectly on closet shelving and in my big tin cabinet.  They are sized at 18.13 x 14.13 x 10.75 inches.  Find them HERE.

They are so easy to pick up and move.  I pull them off the shelf, onto the island, dig for the fabric I want, and put them back.  They are the perfect size for easy moving.  They hold a great amount too..not too much and not too little.  I looked and looked and couldn’t find anything that would work better for me.  I have bought totes and totes and totes over the years.  These by far are my favorite.

I also used these totes for some smaller storage.  Find them HERE.

My closet ceiling slants so I didn’t have room on the top shelf for bigger totes.  These were perfect.

I used these for hanging my quilts on the quilt rod.  You can find them HERE.

I’m hoping that about does it.

I have a few more things I’m looking for but am pleasantly content with the sewing room.  Long term if I could find a wooden cabinet for under the longarm, that would be great.  If I could find a chair that I can adjust to sit higher, that would be awesome.  I’d also like to buy these…

Interlocking floor mats to go in front of my long arm.  Right now I have the gray ones.  I highly recommend them for comfort on your feet and body when using a long arm.  I just want these as the gray stands out and looks so cheap.  You can find them HERE.

So…that’s it for now.  I’m so happy.  This was so long-awaited and I’m thrilled and blessed to have such a wonderful area to work in.  If you have suggestions for a good sewing chair, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Jo, I am SO delighted for you! No one deserves it more than you, you have been so good to so many others.

    My sewing room is a very small, crowded, tragic mess. It’s lined with built-in shelves, which is all I saw when we bought this house, but what I did not consider was how pocket-sized it is. I barely have space to quilt anything more than a baby quilt on a miniture table in the corner. Still, it’s not all in the living room! I know many sewists who would love to have my problem.

    I hope you enjoy every inch of your new space!

    1. About that chair. An regular office chair is what I use and it works great. I have 2 in my sewing room. Both roll and adjust up or down. Also very comfortable. Incidentally, I bought both at Goodwill.

      Thanks for sharing your room. I did pick up on several ideas. I’ve recently retired and I’m pondering on how I want my work space to evolve.

  2. Your room looks great. Good job! Love your pops of red. I have a sewing chair (office chair) no arms from Costco. Recently I bought a Bernina red chair made by horn the sewing cabinet people. It is much more adjustable… but I’ve noticed I rarely use the back of a chair and I’m wondering about those chairs made like a saddle. No back and shaped like your butt. Anyone?

  3. What a fantastic job you did!!! It is very impressive.
    Lots of luck in your new space and may you have many happy sewing hours in it!

  4. Jo, your sewing room looks just great!! By the way, I scrolled back and found the red metal rolling cart sitting next to your cutting side of the cutting/ironing cabinet in the pictures. So it is shown in the pictures. I noticed a suitcase just like my Dad’s, sitting on one end on top of a picnic basket beside a window. What memories that pictured suitcase brought back to me. My littlest sister still has it.
    Your sewing room seems to have brighter quilts displayed in it now, and interesting doodads on the shelves. Makes it all more attractive. You inspired me to finally drill holes in my wooden Walmart thread holder. I needed holes in it to hang it on the wall, as I only have a corner of the dining room to sew in. I arranged the thread on it in color groups and I really like it.
    Good luck with finding an adjustable chair that suits you!

  5. That’s a beautiful sewing room. You are a lucky girl to have such a nice big space. One of these days I will figure out what to do with my sewing room, but I am not there yet.

  6. Jo, your wonderful room is so well deserved. I’ve been anxiously awaiting your reveal and couldn’t wait to get home tonight to watch the video. I love everything about it. You’ve always been organized, maybe it was an organized chaos but everything seemed to work for you. But this, this is just perfectly thought out. I’m glad you took your time thinking through exactly what you wanted. Your production was great before the remodel, I can’t wait to see what you make now. Thank you for sharing your room, and your life, on the blog. You are a true inspiration to me.

  7. Oh I’m in awe of your room. I’ve been following along hoping for inspiration. It’s still simmering. I just love how neat and tidy everything is. Enjoy!
    I also ams feeling the veil of fog lifting from my world. It’s going to be two years since John died in may. I want that room top mine is long and narrow 12×23 with two standard closets with sliding doors. And everything else is lined up along the walls. Feels like it may come down on me. I keep saying I’m going to work on it when … but when never cones

  8. Katherine Gourley

    Your room is fabulous. I have 2 chairs that. I have a very old Koala Cabinet (when they came from Australia. It came with a bonus (that is “no charge”. The other one is a bungee cord chair that I bought on line from The Container Store. I have a degenerating sacrum and am often in pain and the bungee chair allows me to sit longer than any other chair. I cannot believe how comfortable it is. A woman with serious back issues with fusions and pins. She had me try it and it felt wonderful.

  9. Jo, your room turned out beautifully. Love the baskets, the pops of red, the ironing station and the island! Buy a good chair at an office supply store. Don’t order it online; you have to sit on it. Happy Quilting!

  10. You did a great job with your sewing room!! It is very organized and will be a joy to sew there. I sure like the colors you painted the dressers and added the red accents. the totes under your long arm don’t look bad at all. It was fun seeing your handiwork with small quilts. Great, great job!

  11. Your sewing studio looks fantastic! I am envious! Gives me incentive to work on my sewing room. Thanks for the tour. Rosie cracks me up – she loves the camera! HUGS… and stitches

  12. I agree with Katherine about bungee chairs! I’ve now got 3 of them! One at each of my sewing machines downstairs and one at my extra machine on the main level of the house. I also take one to sewing retreats. Fits easily upside down on a car seat and gives hours and hours of comfortable sewing. My daughter who works from home a lot was complaining about back pain and I let her use one of the bungee chairs and she said it really helped. Almost all of my quilting friends have at least one now. In fact at one retreat we had bungee chair races. Imagine “older” women doing this!! What a hoot!!

    I recommend them highly. All of mine have no arms. I don’t live that far from you – if you’d like to borrow one to try it out just let me know. You have my email address already. I wouldn’t mind a bit dropping one off. Heck – I’d love to meet you in person – feel like we know each other already. I’ve ordered all of my chairs online from The Container Store when they are on sale. The last ones I got were only $8 each to ship to me here in Iowa.

    I love everything about your new and improved sewing room!!! I’ve been slowly collecting older furniture pieces for mine. Still want to find something to store my longarm threads and pieces of batting in.

  13. I love what you have done in your sewing space! I too watched Lori Holt’s tour and picked up a couple tips for my space. I was thinking of using night stands with lots of drawers under my longarm, as I’m not liking my plastic drawers. Not sure if they would work for you too.

  14. I love your redo! It looks great! Lots of inspiration to think about. I have some cabinets we put in my sewing room and I’m contemplating painting them as I don’t care much for the finish but I need to wait until my husband gets the surface laminated. I’ve been using the particle board cut out for such a long time I can’t even remember when we got started…lol

  15. Chair suggestion Bungee strap chair is wonderful at about 100 or so dollars shipped from the container store or maybe somewhere else perhaps?
    The small dressers you see for under the longarm I bought from motels remodeling. They usually put a tv on them and have 4 drawers. I paid 20.00 for them

  16. I’m so very jealous of your awesome room. Mine is only slightly larger than your closet. Slowly but surely I’m working to make mine more organized and user friendly. You might want to look at gaming chairs. My husband bought one for me hoping it would work better due to my back pain. It is extremely comfortable and the height is adjustable. Mine came from Staples and was around $100.

  17. How exciting Jo!!! Your room looks well thought out and so usable. Everything has a place and you know right where everything is. I love how Rosie followed you around the room, posing for the camera. She has become quite the little helper. Enjoy your fun space!

  18. It matters soooo much that your studio is a welcoming space that you feel good about. You spend so much of your time on creative pursuit.

    I use a 24″ barstool for my sewing chair (no back or arms). I love it. I hit furniture stores 1 after the other and bought myself something beautiful, nicely padded and coincidentally on clearance! :-)

    This grey would be a perfect match in your new Studio-it does come as a pair though but dang good price!

    Under the longarm: you might find “credenza” the correct height. 2 of these would fit.

    Have fun with the finishing touches. :-)

  19. Thanks for the wonderful your of your sewing room! And thanks to the ladies for the information about the number chairs, I’ll be looking into getting one as soon as I end this comment! My back is a complete mess still!

  20. Wonderful Sewing Room tour – everything in its own place, marvellous. Having seen Lori’s sewing room and now yours I’ve decide to bite the bullet in the New Year and have a proper sewing table made. I love your thin light over your sewing machine, that would work for me. Do you have details of this product? Thank you. Happy sewing in your super room.

  21. I was anxiously waiting for the reveal and WOW! What a reveal it was! Your quilting studio is BEAUTIFUL Jo! I love the colors you chose and the red was the perfect accent color. And your closet…just as beautiful and put together as the rest of your studio. I wouldn’t be embarrassed to leave that closet door open Thanks for sharing your studio with us. It was fun watching it all come together ❤

  22. Jo, others have recommended the bungee chair from The Container Store and so do I. They are very comfortable and height adjustable.
    Your “new” sewing studio looks fantastic. I know you will be so creative in your happy space. Blessings.

  23. Love your room!!! It’s just perfect, as for a chair I ordered the bungee chair from the container store and love it!!

  24. Jo, I purchased an Arrow brand hydraulic chair. It isn’t too big like office ones sometimes are. But VERY comfortable and as bonus there is storage under the seat!

    Amazon carries it as well as many sites. Maybe one of you local shops do also and then you are giving them business. Worth a look.

    Your sewing studio is coming together….awesome!!

  25. Jo, you’ve done a beautiful job with your sewing room! I know it’s taken a long time to accomplish it but so worth it!
    Love and prayers

  26. Looks great and works great! Always wonderful to come closer to what you’ve dreamed of. When you spend a lot of time in the room, you have to make it yours.
    I agree with reader that you must sit in the chair before you buy. I was lucky to find a desk chair at Goodwill many moons ago. We’ve moved 3 times with it and I won’t give it up. Armless and a short back. Works great for me.
    Happy sewing! Enjoy your space!

  27. I so enjoyed watching your video last night. After reading your post this morning though, I’m curious, what happened to your other vintage machines? You point out the 15-91, the Franklin, and your featherweight, but I remember you having others and they do show up in the before pictures.

  28. Love, love, love your room Jo! Looking forward to designing a new sewing/quilting room in our retirement home and you’ve given me lots of ideas. I use a drafting chair at my sewing machine. It’s adjustable, swivels, and is very comfortable. It came out of our print shop, but I’ve seen them at stores that sell used office furniture, Goodwill and other resale shops at very reasonable prices. Good luck! Finding the right chair can make or break your time in it!

  29. I needed storage under my longarm and found that upper kitchen cabinets from Home Depot were just the right height to fit under my longarm. They are only 11 1/2 inches deep but fabric folded properly is very easy to get at to use. Hubby mounted them on a 2×4 base so that the doors will clear the floor. Installed on both sides of the machine he was then able to put a top all the way across the top of both sets of cabinets so that things can not fall onto the floor between the two rows of cabinets. A piece of beadboard on the ends makes a nice neat appearance. I love them. Hope this helps

  30. Your sewing room turned out just great!!! I love it.
    Yesterday, I purchased a Perch rolling pneumatic stool without a back. I wanted a stool for my kitchen desk area (I don’t use the back of a chair). Currently have an old wooden office desk chair that I LOVE, but it takes up too much space. The Perch stool was the only one I could find with a wooden seat. I didn’t want plastic or vinyl or leather seats. It was a bit on the pricier side. The cheapest place I could find it was from the actual manufacture where they are having a sale of 10% off and had to pay a bit extra for casters appropriate for hard wood.
    Again, congrats on your updated sewing room!

  31. Your sewing space is beautiful, and I love all your space. The size reminds me of the large space I had in our house in Illinois. But 7 years ago we moved to Alabama to be near one of our daughters. My space here is much smaller, but I think we have made good use of the space. And yet not all my needs are being met, so I am trying to see how it can be improved.

  32. I’m not normally one in favor of painting wood furniture, but I must say you “before” room was way to brown and well, rather sad. Like mine is now – mismatched, cluttered and sad. You’ve done good on your room! As to a stool, for some reason I can see a vintage metal tractor seat, painted red of course, mounted on a wheeled stool. Like one of those shop stools that you can raise and lower by spinning the seat.

  33. Oh, Jo! I am so in love with your new sewing studio! So happy for you, it will be SO much easier to find things and enjoyable to be there! I envision an upper deck for you leading out of your “door to nowhere”, that would be so much fun :). Thank you for the video and your string piecing videos. I have enjoyed them so much. Miss Rosie is a hoot, so sweet!

  34. Your studio is wonderful! I don’t know why but I am never able to pull up your links for Amazon. I can pull them up all the time from everyone elses blogs. Please help with that. I wonder if others are having the same issue.

    Anyway, I think I have those same metal shelves you have. I bought mine from online somewhere several months back and I also got a set of wheels for it. I got a really tall one that is also long and wide. I got mine to store fabric on and it’s a pain just having the fabric folded and put on it. Those wide shelves are deep. I do have the wheels and can store on both sides of that shelf if need be and just roll it away from the wall to get to what’s on the other side. I have been trying to come up with a solution that would work better and I think your totes are great. Again..I can’t pull up your link for either the shelf or the totes.

    I am tall and wanted a chair for my longarm too. I am on a longarm group and many there suggested a saddle chair. I had no idea what that was until then. LOL! I got one and it can be adjusted very high or very low. I have my quilt frame set high for my height so I needed a chair that would go high if I wanted to sit down like in working in the same area for a while. I had a lot to seam rip when I went on that search. Please help me with the links to your shelf and totes.

    Thank you!

  35. Jo, When my husband’s office moved to a new location they redid all of their office furniture, which was almost brand new then. He brought home a few pieces of nice office furniture. I took two large metal desks and two office chairs for my sewing room, which was a small bedroom in a past life. We set them back to back , one for me to sew on and the other for a guest to sew on or for me to use as a cutting station. Each side had its own chair. We had a handyman come and cut a hole just a tiny bit larger than my sewing machine towards the side of the desk to give me more space on the left side of my sewing machine. He built a small rack under the hole for my sewing machine to sit on when it was sunk into the hole, exactly the right depth so that my machine sets level with the top of the desk. So now I have a huge space to the right hand side of the machine for any extra fabric to rest on and a flat surface to be used as the machine bed so nothing hangs off to the side or the back as the second desk is to the back of the machine. The only space that’s crowded is the throat of the machine and that is large on my machine. I am able to machine quilt very comfortably on it as I would never have the money or space for a long-arm. We kept the insert that was cut out in case I ever change machines we’ll be able to reuse it and again cut a proper sized hole. It is a cobbled together solution but works perfectly for me. And it works just as well as those expensive sewing tables you can purchase, except it doesn’t have a power lift.

    Your sewing STUDIO (I love that we can call our space a studio because we are, of course, artists and none of thse artists do their art in just a room but always a studio) is perfect for you and absolutely lovely!

  36. Lori’s video didn’t do anything for me, but I absolutely LOVE your redesigning sewing space, Jo!!! I notice the little red rolling cart and SEW wish I had space for one in my studio. Also, I’m interested in what you have stored in your little red cabinet by the longarm. Off to see if you showed the contents in your tour…

  37. Jo, your sewing room looks great! I love my bungee cord chair purchased from The Container Store, don’t buy the cheaper ones sold elsewhere.

  38. I love your redesign!! I have to redo my quilting room due to a flood and you have given me some great ideas!! I do have a question about storage under your longarm. Where are your electrical cords stored? The one side of my machine has the cords which move as I quilt. Thanks!!

  39. I’m so excited for you. You deserve to have a space that makes you happy, especially with as much time as you spend in that room. It’s all very coordinated – beautiful color palette, functional, yet still decorative. Great job!! I love it!

    How big would you say your room is?

  40. Rosie Westerhold

    LOVE you have used every space and a variety of containers for storage. You might check out Tracey’s Tables for an idea for storage under your longarm.

    I purchased 2 of these many years ago when the cost was MUCH more reasonable. I use mine for thread and l on harm ruler storage. They are PERFECT for thread storage and small items needed for longarm work. Maybe one of your sons or son-in-law or a handyman could build you something similar. The only thing I don’t like about the drawers is that there is a wooden piece above the casters which sticks it. I’m always dropping things in that little space. A real pain to retrieve when I can’t kneel on floors any longer. UGH. Just a thought for something that actually does fit under a longarm.

  41. Jo, your room looks great! Can you tell me where you bought the floor lamp that extends over rhe length of your sewing machine?

  42. I’ve been looking forward to your sewing room reveal and tour!! It is absolutely beautiful and looks to be very functional!! Love your colors, gray and pops of read, just awesome together!! Couple of questions — What do you store in your 2 red cabinets? What is your plan for end of the island that is opposite of your sewing machine? Do you use a particular box, tote or container for storing your UFO’s?

    I’ve been slowly redoing my quilting studio to reflect more of my tastes and desires. My studio was mostly made up of garage sale finds and nothing really went together and matched. I too, had those 3 drawer plastic bins and have replaced them. My sewing chair is from Ikea and I love it, not sure that it would work well in your setup.

    Again, thanks for sharing and wishing many happy quilting hours in your newly redone space!!!

    1. Diane O. I have pictures and will answer your questions in the next “Ask Jo” next week. Watch for it on Monday evening.

  43. I also have my machine recessed in the bench if you were able to do this it might help the height problem. I am waiting for the nes year to clear my room right out and work out what goes where. I have been gradually sorting it as much as possible and since my working bench is an old table tennis table that i picked up at a thrift store when the kids were little(now in their 40,s) i have found the under bed boxes work for me under neath the table, but still have lots of fabric not in them hence the need to sort oit better.and hopefully new tables in the new year please

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  45. Annie Hockenhull

    Jo, I don’t usually comment but just had to say Congratulations on your room makeover! It is awesome, and you must be so pleased. I know at times you thought it would never get finished but you have kept going and the result is fabulous. It is so cozy and so you! Thanks to your helpers also! Love Annie from the UK

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  47. If it’s the look of the white plastic drawers you hate, you can spray paint the frame. I’ve never done it, but lots of teachers have and it looked cute. You can cover the plastic fronts with pretty scrapbook paper or fabric by gluing on the inside facing out. On some of the ones I used when I was teaching, I printed pretty colorful labels and taped them inside the drawers so I could easily find things.

  48. I recently bought a chair that’s fully adjustable and the seat tilts too…so three adjustments. The chair is made by Horn cost of $200 and is red! It’s has rollers and it will go high or low and the back is adjustable too. The one chair that I haven’t ever tried that I think would be awesome is the saddle chair…which has no back.

  49. Oh Jo I’m SO happy for you! You did an great job with painting your furniture and pulled it all together. I hope you have many, many hours of sewing enjoyment in your newly decorated space! Thanks for the tour and for the information on what you purchased – a big help! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

  50. everyone else has said it all. just want to add my congrats on such a great result for all your efforts.
    I noticed Jazz’s comments about her small sewing room and thought she would enjoy hearing of my aunts sewing closet and 40 years ago she had completed and given away 140 full size quilts and every newborn in her church received a crib size one while she reared 4 children and cared for my grandparents. She was my mothers baby sister and only recently passed to her eternal home ,,,closet sized sewing rooms are okay also.

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