Sewing Room Progress

I’ve gotten lots and lots questions and comments from people wanting to see my quilting room.  It’s still lots and lots of boxes…but there are at least fewer boxes…

This many boxes fewer!

Lots of these boxes have boxes inside of them so there are more boxes than a person might think.  I am so happy with this progress.

Besides empty boxes, I have things organized so that at least there are piles of like things.  It’s MUCH more manageable but still not ready for a big photo reveal.  At this point I at least feel comfortable that I could sew there without feeling totally guilt that I should be unpacking.

I have some things that will be going into the cupboard we have to refinish yet so those are staying in boxes for now.

It’s slow but I’m taking progress however I get it.

2 thoughts on “Sewing Room Progress”

  1. Great progress, Jo! Just my 2 cents worth ~ it’s best to go slowly on unpacking all the extra’s, that is after the necessities are unpacked for day to day living because you will then probably know where you really want things rather than having to re-do. I am so amazed & impressed, tho at what you accomplish in a day especially working full time now!!

  2. Hey, that’s a familiar site. I’m down to 2 boxes in my studio. But I have piles and piles to deal with. Now I’m not going to talk about the boxes in the basement. That’s another story. But we’ll get through it eventually.

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