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A bit ago a kind reader anonymously sent Jazz a sewing machine. It was banged up and missing vital pieces when it came to her. We thought it was damaged in transit. Jazz contacted the company that sent it and they were slow to reassure her that the sender had been contacted. Jazz and I felt terrible about it and had no way to contact the person to let them know what had happened. I put something here on the blog hoping we could find the person to let them know what had happened.

Within a short time of the publication of the blog post, the anonymous donor contacted me. She assured me the company had contacted her and was doing its best to make it right. I immediately took the blog post down. Some of you thought there was some blog error but there wasn’t. I removed the post in hopes of not doing any damage to the reputation of the company that was responsible for sending the machine. In the short time the post was up someone wrote a review of the company’s page. The company now contacted Jazz…so if ELLE-ELLE could PLEASE contact Jazz (832-805-7592) or that would be fabulous.

In the meantime, I have great news. If you remember, I went to a family picnic back in August. My brother Jim was there and gifted me three sewing machines. He knew someone who knew someone who was had left their house with the contents in it and anything in the house was free for the taking. He called me and asked if I wanted the machines. I said sure.

I ended up looking at the Janome first. I figured it was the highest quality machine…

and it sure was!!

I took it out of the box thinking I would check it over and make sure it ran. I took it out and didn’t even touch it. Seriously, the machine was new in the box. No one had ever sewn with it. The foot and cord have never been unwrapped. The paper under the presser foot had never been removed. The person bought a brand-new machine and never touched it. WOW!!

I sent these pictures to Jazz and asked if she wanted the machine. I would ship it to her and hopefully, fingers crossed, this machine would get to her in good condition.

It did and Jazz is thankful. The machine is lightweight and she has been able to take it when she meets up with quilting friends. The machine I know will get lots of great use by Jazz. I’m just thrilled she has a good working machine now.

Well if you remember there were three machines from my brother. These two machines I didn’t get to right away. With my back issues, I didn’t want to be lugging around and carrying them but…I’m off work and wanted to get them cleaned up and where they needed to go.

It turns out my friend Connie came by. I had been dogsitting for her and she came to pick up her dog. I ended up asking her if she would take them and try to see if they worked. She had someone in her life that was looking for a machine and we were hopeful Connie could get them going and then gift one to her. One machine seemed to be missing a bobbin casing so Connie would have to do a little finagling to get it running. Connie is really good at fixing machines though so I’m sure she’s up for the challenge.

I can’t thank Connie enough for tackling those two machines for me.

That’s the update on Jazz and the damaged machine…and the update on the three machines my brother gave me.

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  1. Is so wonderful that the machines will have a new chance! I am so often disappointed in this throw away society. Thanks, Jo, (and Bro), for rehoming and not throwing away the machines!

  2. Jo, thank you again for the sewing machine. It’s lightweight enough for me to carry it to my weekly sewing bee meeting where I work on the quilts for the nursery at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston.
    Thank you, too, for communicating with the donor of the original sewing machine. I felt so burdened believing that they may have been conned by the seller and being unable to notify them.
    ELLE-ELLE, please allow me to tactfully conclude this situation by emailing me at I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. What happy endings to the three machines!! Very exciting to open an old box and find a very new machine. Job well done, Jo!!

  4. Jo great to have the machines going to a good home and to someone who could use them.
    I too have a Singer machine I would like to find a home for.
    It’s a 1940 machine and there are lots of attachments and a manual. It is in a cabinet and has a stool/seat with storage. The cabinet needs a little work but is not damaged.
    I can send pictures if interested.
    Jo if this is not appropriate to put this here please remove it.

  5. I was driving down my little street one day a couple of years ago and a neighbor across the street had a pile of stuff on the curb for the trash pick-up. I thought I saw a sewing machine case so I went to look. It was a very nice older Singer model so I took it home and cleaned it up. Runs perfectly and I love it.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Wow a brand-new sewing machine is a gift that everyone who sees would enjoy. How great that gift from your brother.
    Enjoy everyone.

  7. As one in charge of Customer Service for many decades and having 99% satisfaction for my team, the situation should and could have been resolved quickly and easily.

    I have removed the review (direct copy/paste from here) from their website.

      1. Customer service was not at all satisfactory, but the heart of the anonymous donor is tremendous. I’m so thrilled to be thought of in such a generous way.
        I’m immensely grateful to Jo for being a trustworthy liaison, and to Elle for defending me so energetically and then for removing her review.
        I love sewing for the newborns at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Texas, but I couldn’t do it without the magnanimous support of all of you. Thank you all.

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