Sewing in My PJ’s

This morning it was 10 am.  I was in my PJ’s sewing when my daughter, Kalissa, snapped a photo of me.

She snapped more photos that are actually blackmail quality.  She “threatened” to post them…I wasn’t so bothered by the PJ’s, I was more bothered by the mess!!

No wonder I felt so unorganized and like I wasn’t getting ahead of the mess!  So I took some time and cleaned up a bit.

It’s still far from good…but at least there is a little wood from the table showing.

8 thoughts on “Sewing in My PJ’s”

  1. i was sewing in my jammies until about 4 yesterday, only showered and changed because husband wanted to go to the mexican restaurant.

  2. Oh, those pictures make me feel good. Actually in my book that is pretty organized! I feel so bad, guilty and very envious when I see all those wonderfully clean sewing tables on blog posts. My sewing room is tiny and very full. My nice sister in law calls it a creative room…. As I said , she is sweet! I guess what is important that we are able to do what makes us feel good and we are all different. Keep sewing in your jammies!

  3. I love having jammies days, where it’s just me and my fabric and that special space we get to when creating. And your sewing space looks about as organized as mine. LOL

  4. Jo: That is not a “mess”…it is “creative chaos”. My space is bigger so my “creative chaos” is proportional to the space — HUGE — some days.

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