Sew Along with Me: Spider Web String

I’m still working my way through my UFO Dirty Dozen projects.  The number that was chosen for November was #1.  I have this spider web string project listed as #1.  I guess it’s time to tackle it!!

This project came to me via the thrift store.  I was thrilled to get it.  The bag cost a few dollars and had these unfinished blocks…

and one finished block.  I was so excited as there were a lot of finished ones.  I thought I had plenty…WRONG.  There weren’t nearly as many as I needed.

I didn’t think it was a big deal at all.  I’d grab some red fabric and make more blocks.  Well…that didn’t work as planned.  All the reds were wrong.

I blogged about it and readers were so encouraging and told me to cut more reds from the fabrics I had and to not worry about it.  Well, that’s not me.  The different colors or the reds would have very much bothered me.

Well fast forward.  I was working on some organizing.  One of the things I was doing was sorting thrifted fabric.  In there was a red.  It seemed like it was the shade of red I needed.  I dug out the spiderweb quilt and happily it matched.  The problem, it was only a fat quarters worth of fabric.  I got out my template and started cutting.

This is what I discovered.

From there I wrote about the project on the blog and one wonderful blog reader sent me some red to finish the project.

When I pulled it out, it looked like this…

I had hoped to make the quilt the same size as the first spider web string quilt I made…this one…
(Read more about his quilt HERE)

Kalissa’s boys were at my house and we were going to do some “twilting”.  Our project was to prep the rest of the papers.  They were actually good help.

We cut out the kites and glued them down.  When I say “glued them down”, it only means a small smear of glue stick.

When Kalissa left the last thing she said was, “Why don’t you shoot a video for and I’ll edit it.  That way I don’t feel so bad for asking you to watch the boys so much”.

All I knew is I wanted to sew…so up the stairs I went.

As I was setting up the machine and pulling strings I decided that I would do just what Kalissa said.  I would shoot a video.  I’ve been playing around with the idea of filming a few “sew along with me videos”.   I watch cross stitch videos that are called “stitch along with me videos” and wondered how they might go over if I did a “sew along with me video”.  You don’t need to be sewing the same project…in fact, you don’t need to be sewing at all.  You can stitch or watch or do whatever you want.

Here is the video I ended up doing.

In the video, I tell you about my project and ramble on about this or that.  So many of you have said you’d love to sew with me or be on a retreat with me.  Well, this is the best I can do…

I had fun filming it…I was a little nervous about the camera set up and all..and nervous about the noise of the machine.  You’ll have to let me know what you think.  Any of the videos I do are works in progress.  I’m very much at the learning stage of it all so I do appreciate constructive criticism.

If I get a good response, I’ll make more…it’s just a little chattiness with me while I sew.

I ended up with a nice little stack of blocks.  I think there are about 20 there with a few more left partially done at the machine.

I didn’t sew them all during the video. I kept sewing.  I so appreciated some machine time and am super happy that I’m making progress on this UFO.

37 thoughts on “Sew Along with Me: Spider Web String”

  1. Loved the video. I have made 2 Spider web quilts, and, like you, I love them and anything using strings. I got that idea from Bonnie Hunter too. Using every scrap and string of fabric plays to my “waste not, want not” mentality. I was born a couple of years after WWll ended so I was brought up to use every last scrap of anything. Don’t know how to Like the video so I’m writing a message instead. I really liked it, great to see and hear you having followed your blog since I don’t know when. Keep up the good work, Jo.

  2. I loved this Jo thanks for this awesome video. I am so motivated to make a spiderweb quilt. The color tips are great. Thank you

  3. Bobbie Woodruff

    Jo, I loved the video. You make it look so simple.
    I don’t have a lot of pieces like you. So I haven’t made a scrappy quilt before.
    I was going to do Bonnie’s quilt last year and my son got cancer so I only got the first clue started. He passed in August and I haven’t got back to sewing yet. I’m going to do her this years one and ordered my fabric from quilters Twins. I haven’t got it as I only order 2 days ago.
    My hubby bought me a longarm and I had no where to put it so he built me a she shed. I’m like you I really don’t like to go out there by my self. It’s small 12×20 ft. I don’t have hook up for tv out there either so I play music.
    I so want to make the spider quilt your black one is beautiful.
    You have a beautiful family and they really support you since Kramer has passed. That Carver is a cutie but he is like my great grandson a hand full sometimes. I was babysitting him 3 days a week for 7-8 a day and I really got nothing done but play with him . I’m also a lot older than you at 75. She isn’t working that job now so I’m not keeping him like I did. I love he lives down our driveway and he come everyday for a hour or two.
    I just wanted to tell you I loved the video and your blog.
    Oh, I also got the quilt magazine and the fabric from quilters Twin can’t remember the name but it has a lot of turquoise faffe fabrics. I just love that quilt.

  4. I really enjoyed your video and your talking , like Bonnie’s webcam! I am planning on making a spiderweb so it was fun to watch your process. Would love to be at a retreat :) Thanks for doing this and please make more! Maybe a close up of the sewing, trimming the triangles and sewing them into blocks would be helpful. :)

  5. That was so enjoyable!! The part I liked best was just hearing your voice, following your thought process and just enjoying “friend” time! I would certainly watch more with you!! Loved it, thank you for doing it!!

  6. Love that project! I bought some turquoise fabric to make one and have not yet started…but I am itching to do strings again. I will watch your video the next time I sew. It’s nice to have a someone to sew with so I’m looking forward to watching then.

  7. I enjoyed the video and I like reading your blog. I love thrift shop finds! Also appreciate your explanation of how you sew with white based and cream based fabrics. Thanks from a fellow scrap lover!

  8. Really enjoyed your video. also learned so much on choosing fabrics, white or cream/beige, always applied that to neutrals and now I understand that concept is for colored prints as well. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed the video. I have been quilting for forty years and had never given any thought to the white/cream background basis of scraps but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for teaching this old quilter something new! And I love my light like yours.

  10. Susan from Michigan

    This was a great video. I loved watching it. Please do more as you are able. I usually sew by myself so it would be nice to have your voice to sew along to. I liked that you are explaining what you are doing and the thought process. The white/cream explanation was very helpful, and I thought I had a good eye for color. I like learning new tips.

  11. I would say your video is a success. You enjoyed making it and many enjoyed it and learned from it. Thank you and keep them coming!

  12. I really liked your video. I checked out Bonnie’s tutorial and she doesn’t say how much fabric is needed for the kites for a large quilt. Do you know roughly how much you are using for your quilt? I would love to be able to use stash fabric but am afraid of running out like you did. Thanks.

  13. I enjoyed the video. I have problems putting colors together. Very helpful to hear you discuss white/cream background. While I was watching I was crocheting. Now I want to make a string quilt again. I like reading your blogs, hearing about your family and all the things you are involved in. Keep making videos.

  14. Love your video! I will probably watch it again as I love scraps. I have been following you for about 4 years now and your blog is awesome. Your family and grandkids are the best! Carter has the cutest smile! Thanks for all your help and great suggestions.

  15. Love your video! I will probably watch it again as I love scraps. I have been following you for about 4 years now and your blog is awesome. Your family and grandkids are the best! Carter has the cutest smile! Thanks for all your help and great suggestions.

  16. Jo – I loved the video, I’ve been thinking about why there isn’t video’s of quilt with me like the flosstube videos have. We quilters enjoy inspiration too.

  17. I enjoyed your video, so hopefully you will be able to do others. The quilt will be beautiful, and so much fun that Carver can help during his grandma time. It is so fun to share your interests with grandkids.

  18. Your video was so enjoyable! I sat in my office at my desktop and shared some sewing time with you. It was really fun and I would definitely do it again!

  19. Thanks for getting this avenue into youtube; I watched your video earlier today and what do you know if I did not find the following video released for quilting too.
    Celeste Creates – released a ‘QuiltyTube #1’ on youtube, she is a fellow cross stitcher who utilizes Floss Tube videos too.

    Thanks Jo,

  20. Jo:
    Please do a video starting where you left off of this one. Trimming down the blocks, putting them together so the middle isn’t so bulky, etc. For instance, do you trim to the paper – or a quarter inch off the paper?

  21. Thanks for the video and the discussion on color selection. Very helpful. I made a Spider Web for our grand-daughter’s graduation quilt and she was very happy to take it to college. Brightened up her dorm room! Looking forward to the next one. S

  22. Love watching you in the video. I also have lots of scraps and need to make a quilt and use them up. You make it look so easy .

    Thanks for the video

  23. Very much enjoyed the video. Thank you for taking the time to make it. There were a couple of times you were picking fabrics for the next piece and you discarded. Once you did say you only like to use one color per block, makes sense. Those other times if you discard, why? If you decide not to use a triangle as the last “v” piece, but someone does not have a triangle, what do you use.
    Just a couple of questions. Again, thank you and would most certainly look forward to your next video!

  24. I really enjoyed your “sew along with me” video! Thank you so much for making it. I did sew along with you, except I wasn’t making a spider web, but stitching my November Dirty Dozen #1 blocks together that have been sitting here for 3 years! I really do like the tip you gave about selecting colors and sorting scraps – cutting a white based strip and a cream based strip and setting next to the fabrics! Great idea! Thanks for sharing. The Spider Web quilt looks like a fun way to use up all the scraps that I have on hand. Keep up the great work! It’s fun to see and hear you and not just read you! HUGS… and stitches

  25. Loved the video. What’s hard about string piecing? nothing …… but actually doing it is another thing….. this video put alot of things in “order”, like getting the papers all “prepped” and taking the scissors and whacking off the extra…

    question….. are the strings cut in strips before they are put in your string tubs???

    and a BIG thank you

  26. Loved the video, and I really did sew along! I’m working on making a baby quilt from one of your free patterns you mentioned again a week or so ago. Seemed like just the thing for my niece who’s expecting her first in a couple months. Thanks for the inspiration and pattern!

  27. I liked the video, i have started a spider web string quilt also, i am using all different oranges for my kite pieces (same oranged for each block) and i just have all my scraps in a tote, all mixed and i just pull them out without caring about color placement except, i won’t put the same two pieces next to each other as i am sewing, if they end up touching the same color when i put the blocks together …oh well…i am enjoying making it, but somehow the scrap bucket does not get smaller!!

  28. I really enjoyed your video, it was like sitting with a friend while we both sewed. It’s has been tough not being able to get together like we used to. Thanks, and I hope you will a few more.

  29. I loved the video, i think this is a good one for all my scraps. i also liked your explanation about the white and cream fabric. thanks for the tutorial. i look forward to the next one.

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