A couple weeks ago one of my blog readers sent me a wonderful box of goodies for the childcare kids.  It was mostly wooden toys which are my all time favorite.  In the box were these toys….


I just love them and the kiddos do too.  They are so fun as they come apart and are almost a puzzle.


The toys were so popular with the kids that the kiddos started a fight or two over them.  Luckily the toys had a label on the bottom and I could see that they were a Melissa and Doug toy.  I went to Amazon last week over nap time and found that there was another set of construction vehicles that were similar.  I put them in my shopping cart and then the kids woke up before I could complete the transaction.


Then I got busy with the retreat and decided that I’d just get back to it once the retreat was over….

Imagine my surprise when Anna S. who attended the retreat in West Union brought me this…..

The exact set of construction vehicles that I had intended on purchasing when I got home from the retreat.


I love the new book too.  I am always looking for fun things to do with the kids.

I opened the toys and let the kiddos play with all of them together and things went much smoother.  Sometimes when so many kids are playing, one set just isn’t enough.

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