Seeing Shadows

Last year at this time I had given up walking.  My foot simply couldn’t do it anymore.

Surgery followed in August…another surgery this spring in April.  I’m doing pretty good but it’s not perfect.  I’m starting to realize that this is my “new normal”…and it’s not too bad.  There is a bit of numbness in my foot that happens around any surgical site.  Occasionally when I first get moving from a sitting position my foot is “tight”….all in all, not bad and much better than pre-surgery.  I’m still hoping for a bit more healing.

Now that I’m at a “new normal” I’m trying really hard to get back at walking again.  I used to regularly walk at least two miles at least four times a week.


It June I started trying to walk more regularly…I slowly improved.  It’s hard to decide what is more important- distance or speed.  For now, I’m working on distance and have been able to get back to my two miles.

Now I want to get to doing that consistently….back to my four days a week (if not every day).  I thought I would do that over 4th of July weekend but there were so many fireworks being shot off that Ruby would never have been able to stand it.  So I didn’t…

The 4th has passed and now I’m back to trying really hard to get in the swing….sadly now the part that’s holding me back isn’t always my foot.  Time and motivation are now sometimes in the way.  It’s been helping that Kalissa is wanting to walk.  I can’t walk as fast as she’d like yet but she’s a trooper and puts up with me.

The dogs love it…Carver likes it and I need it.  I miss the days when walking was a habit and I easily made it fit in my life.  I’ll do it again…I just need to patient with myself and that’s one thing I’m bad at.

Hopefully I’ll be seeing my shadow lots more and that foot of mine will stay keep improving.

3 thoughts on “Seeing Shadows”

  1. I feel for you, Jo! I think time and distance are more important that speed. It’s more about reaching that goal of 10K steps per day, not a foot race! I’m dealing with foot issues right now and it’s not fun but I persevere.

  2. Oh I know…you know I know. You keep checking on me and I will keep checking on you. I am so glad I at least have tried to get out and walk the few times I had last week. Today I took Zach and a friend to scout camp to finish up their archery merit badges and we had to hike the trails to get to the archery range. I would have died if I hadn’t at least been walking a few days. At least I got home and had over half the days steps in by 10:30 a.m. It is hard but I am thankful I got to see some of the benefit today. Makes me want to keep going. You will get there. I will get there. The new normal.

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