See it..Believe it!

Dixie, our foster dog, has been with us for a week and a half now.  I would have never believed that this dog…shy little Dixie,


would ever rough house and have fun.  She loves to sleep and loves to keep watch over me.  She doesn’t love Ruby.  She doesn’t not like her…just a little annoyed by her immaturity I think.

Today for the first time ever, Dixie decided to play with Ruby.

It made me completely smile.  Ruby’s been longing for a playmate..but Dixie was still timid.


They are battling over Ruby’s newest favorite toy from Ila.


I never thought Dixie would come so quick.  She is an amazing dog-what I would describe as a companion dog.  When I sew, she lays in a bed behind my chair.  When I’m on the computer she lays in a bed by the computer.  When I get up she trots along with me.  She isn’t intrusive at all.  She is SO soft and cuddly too.  She doesn’t jump up on the furniture but will stay with us on the couch if we encourage her.

Totaled she’s had about four accidents and those were in the first couple days.  She hasn’t had an accident for week.

Long ago when our first beagle Gracie was suffering and dying, our daughter Kalissa said, “I can’t believe that no one wanted you”.  I feel so much the same for Dixie.  Hopefully the holidays will settle down and people will be back out looking for a dog.

3 thoughts on “See it..Believe it!”

  1. Your little Dixie has come so far! You’ve given her a good place and she must feel so comfortable with you all! I keep telling my husband, it’s a good thing that we live so far from you. I see her pictures and just want her!!! Is she smaller than Ruby?

  2. oh i wish i would live near you and not in the Netherlands! i would come over and just watch her play and have fun! i could easely be talked into adopting her, the minute i saw her picture i fell in love with her! but as i said : i live in the Netherlands…. give those dogs an extra cuddle from me tonight!

  3. And I’m in France ! I would love that sort of dog, and just like you, I would have her pose with each quilt ! But this will unfortunately not happen.

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