Secrets of Eden

Looking for a good book?  Try Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalian.

If you haven’t read his books before, you are missing some REALLY good books.  Often times, with his books, the reader doesn’t know the ending until the very last paragraph.  Midwives and The Double Bind are two of my favorite top books so when this new selection came out, I quickly picked it up.

The story is focused around George and Alice Hayward who are found dead one day in their home.  Initially everyone believes that it is a murder suicide…but is it?  George is known for spousal abuse…but could he have actually killer Alice and then killed himself.  The story is told in first person by the pastor, district attorney, best selling author and  George and Alice’s daughter Katie….Who dunnit? or Was is actually a murder suicide.  You’ll only know by reading the book.

This book was a little more predictable then the others by Bohjalian, but still definately worth the read….or listen.

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