Last Thursday, we moved #4 kid, Karl, back to college.  Let me say, it’s been so quiet without him here.  He’s not a loud kid at all….his hobbies are just loud…listening to music, playing guitar, playing x-box.  I am enjoying a bit of the quiet but him, I miss.

After we dropped his things off at the dorm, we decided to hit an antique shop up town in Cedar Falls.  It was going out of business and didn’t have anything so I asked Karl where that “Scratch” cupcake place was.  It was just a block or so down the street and on the other side so I said let’s stop.

We went in and were greeted by the friendly gals behind the counter.  Then the picking began….

These all sounded yummy!!

These did too!!

I am notorious for not being able to make up my mind so I decided not to look and read the cards of every single cupcake…after all from what I could see there couldn’t be a bad choice!

Oh my…hubby had his picked…some extreme chocolate concoction.  Karl had his picked…oh Jo, just pick one.  But it’s so hard…I finally picked….

…the Snickers.  Oh, it was SO-SO good!

If you are in the Waterloo or Cedar Falls, Iowa area, a trip to “Scratch” to pick up your own ultimate cupcake is well worth the trip.

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