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You might remember a month or more ago that I had a box of scraps (mostly small tiny pieces) that I offered up and gave away to a blog reader.  Well my friend Nell read the post and was amazed at how many people wanted the box of scraps.  At the time she was cleaning and purging her sewing room.  She had been cutting and cutting scrap and her scrap savers system was over flowing.  She was tired of trimming and wanted sewing machine time but she wanted to be done with box of scraps waiting to be trimmed.  The quilter in her just couldn’t throw them away…

Then she had and idea.

That’s when she contacted me and said….Hey I have a box of scraps.  Do you want to host a giveaway and give them away to one of your readers??  I said -SURE.

Well here’s the box.  It’s a big box filled with goodies.


Nell is willing to mail it out to one of my blog readers…could it be you?  Here’s what you need to do to be entered for a chance to win. 

Before I do that let me tell you about Nell.  She is the queen of starting quilting projects…She starts LOTS.  She often makes jokes about how many UFOs she has.  Something else she’s starting this year is starting a new job as a school librarian.

For your chance to win leave a comment in the comment section telling your favorite book you’ve ever read that might be found in a school library…it can be a young child’s book or a teen appropriate book.

Nell will tell us her favorite book and if someone says that same book they will be the winner but if no one says the book title, we’ll use the random number generator to pick the winner.

Sounds like fun to me…Make sure to leave your comment here and make sure we have sufficient information to contact you.  We’ll pick a winner on Tuesday the 12th.  Good Luck!!

117 thoughts on “Scraps from Nell Giveaway”

  1. I loved reading Dr Seuss books to my children and grandchildren. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’ll say GREEN EGGS AND HAM.

  2. Kristin Stonham

    I have to choose just one book? But there are so many that formed the framework of my childhood and my life! :)

    I’ll have to go with The Spaceship Under The Apple Tree series. My mother loved them as a child, made sure I read them, and as an adult I collected them in the hardcover-with-dust-jacket versions I remember checking out of the library time after time. I can’t wait until my two-year-old son and his incipient baby brother are old enough to be read them.

  3. I have always loved to read. I remember being in grade school. I had a bike that I would ride to school and lucky me, the Library was across the street from the school. I can still see me, sitting on the floor and looking through the books( I am 61 and still enjoy sitting on the floor and enjoying looking through the books). I would fill my double baskets full of books, plus the big basket on front. I think my favorite books at that time would have to be the mystery section. Now I read a lot of Amish books. Especially, Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter.

  4. When I was little, I loved “Little Women” but I don’t know if I have a favorite now. My daughter and I are reading the 4 books in The Giver quartet, and it has been fun.

  5. “Anne of Green Gables” is my allllll time Favorite book!! :)

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! :D

  6. John Grisham has a series called Theodore Boone that is delightful. He is a youngster whose parents are lawyers and has an uncle who has been disbarred. Friends come to him for legal help. He is always trying to skip school so he can be an observer at court. Delightful series.

  7. The book that stands out for me is “The Diary of Trilby Frost” by Dianne Glaser which I read in Gr. 5 or 6. I still remember every detail to this day!

  8. my favorite book would be one from Dick Laan; Pinkeltje… but i am sure the books i’ve read are not in American libraries… they are all dutch as i am from the Netherlands…. i loved to read when i was a kid and still do a lot of readingnow that i am grown up. I love reading Jane Austen but also books like the davinci code…. a book is good for your soul…

    hugs from the Netherlands

  9. “Go, Dog, Go!” for sure. I read it to my children, dragged it with me when I went to work for Intermountain Therapy Animals as the Reading Education Assistance Dog (R.E.A.D.) Coordinator, and have now read it to my grandchildren. One of my all time faves… “do you like my hat?” ;) utahoosier at yahoo dot com

  10. HI all…I am just going guess “Heidi”. Although, I just read a Newberry Honor book by Patricia Reilly Giff. Pictures of Hollis Woods. She also has another Newberry Honor called Lily’s Crossing that I intend to find and read. I haven’t read a Newberry Honor book yet that wasn’t a good read.

  11. My absolute favorite book, from my childhood learning years, read in the 5th grade! I still remember- I read it twice! I was so sad for the adventure to be over, I just had to do it again!
    Island of the Blue Dolphins (1960,) is a Newbery Medal winner by Scott O’Dell.
    Bring on the Scraps!

  12. The Boxcar Kids was always my favorite book to read in elementary school. Looks like a great box of scraps to play with.

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