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One day last week during nap time there was a quiet knock on the door.  I almost didn’t hear it.  I just looked to convince myself it wasn’t my imagination that heard the knock.  There at the door was my mail lady.  AH…she finally learned that ringing the door bell at nap time is a bad idea…Yahoo!!  It was a day that the kiddos really needed to stay napping so I was so happy.

In her arms were two boxes and my mail.  The oldest gal here at childcare is five and she’s a smarty.  She said, “More material Jo?”  Ha!!  She knows what happens around here.  She followed me out to the kitchen and of course wanted me to open the big box first.  I opened to find a treasure trove of goodies.

The top of the box had stuffed animals and toys.   She said, “Are these for me??”  I said, “Sure but share!”..and she was off with the goodies.  That was okay, I wanted to see the fabric that Jeri in Corpus Christi, TX had sent.

Look…awesome scraps right??


There is a BIG chunk of 8 yards of fabric.  I recently got in a charity quilt that needs a backing.  I’m using this with it! THANKS!!

Aren’t these these so cute?  I love the little foxes on them.  That would have made a cute baby quilt…but it’s just scraps so they likely find their way into a more scrappy baby quilt.


Check out the strings..WOW!!  There are lots of pink ones.  I have a pink string quilt on the horizon.  Jeri thought I’d use them for my Pineapple Crazy quilt…some might make it that way but I want to make a Bonnie Hunter’s  Zuckerwatte quilt for one of my childcare kiddos.  I want to do it in pinks so the pink strings would be perfect for that.  I’m so happy to have them.  My pinks are all a little dusty and these will definitely perk them up!


Thanks for all the goodies Jeri.  I love them- the kids do too!  Thanks so much….

The next box was from M. Smith  in Clinton, IL.  That’s all the mailing label said and there was no note included.  Inside was a WONDERFUL quilt top.  It is red, white and blue and would make a wonderful Quilt of Valor.  I didn’t take the time to measure it to see if it would meet the specifications yet but that’s next on my agenda.  It’s so pretty and beautifully scrappy.


I’m off to measure this quilt and talk to the local Quilt of Valor lady that I know.  It sure would be nice if this quilt could help a veteran.  It’s so nice done….

Thanks so much for the gifts ladies…They are so appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Scraps and More….”

  1. Jo, I have six coordinating fat quarters of the little fox fabrics. It includes one each of the fabrics with foxes, one with wood grain, one each of the orange-y flowers, and an orange solid. Will they be enough to make a baby quilt? I will gladly send them to you. Let me know.

  2. Isn’t getting the mail just like Christmas sometimes! Really fun to watch someone else’s “opening” and know exactly what they are feeling. :) Enjoying vicariously!

  3. I know that the Iowa QOV are quite strict on “following the rules” but the reality is that ALL sizes can be used (the smaller ones for the wheelchair bound Wounded Warrior). Our Spring Grove guild has begun to do military quilts on their own for this very reason. We do the presentations ourselves to the military in the county.

  4. Doreen of Iowa

    Hi Jo,
    I want to thank you again for the quilt donation to our QOV group. We will finish the quilt and award it this fall. The quilt does conform to the QOVF national standards. I realize not everyone agrees to our quality standards and that is OK. After all, we are all working towards the same goal, just in a different way. The goal is to honor our Veterans. Thanks for helping us to achieve our goal.
    The QOV Doreen.

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