Scrappy Seat Weaving

Last Thursday, I took our daughter and her friend to a Taylor Swift concert in Des Moines.  All of my kids know that when I travel, I am likely to have mapped out one or two quilt shops to stop at along the way.  This trip was no different.
The Quilting Connection in Ames, Iowa was the days destination and….  This is the treasure I found…a pattern to make this stool.

well…not to “make the stool”…but instructions for weaving the seat.  I am in LOVE with this!  I immediately bought the pattern, even though it was $15.  It just looks SO fun.  I took a couple more photos of other items they had in the shop that were done with the same fabric weaving method…
It’s a cute doll size rocking chair.  Here’s another foot stool in different colors and a close up photo…
The pattern shows several other chairs that were done using the same method.  I looked for an online link to the pattern but can’t find one.  I can tell you that I purchased it at Quilting Connection in Ames, Iowa.  The name of the pattern is Scrappy Seat Weaving by Carolyn Toftey.   They did have the wood for this stool available for purchase and I was REALLY tempted to get one but I am going to check out a few antique shops in the area and see if I can find a chair that I can weave instead.

If anyone has done this before, please leave a comment and tell if the process is hard and how durable it is.  The pattern author says she has her original stool that she weaved 15 years ago.  I am really anxious to try this….part of the fun is going to be haunting antique shops to find the perfect stool or chair.  In the meantime I am going to read and reread the directions.

8 thoughts on “Scrappy Seat Weaving”

  1. That is really cool! I’ve not seen anything like that before. Keep us posted, I’d like to see your progress!

  2. I have not been able to find the pattern. I went to the site and have googled it. Can you help me out

  3. Oh Jo, that fabric strip woven stool and rocker are darling! I’ve woven thousands of chairs, rockers and stools in the 35+ years I’ve been in the chair caning business, but this takes the cake, how fun! I’ve seen them woven out of men’s ties and belt buckles too. If you really get into this weaving, be sure to visit my website, blog, chair caning forum and The SeatWeavers’ Guild website, too! Happy Weaving!
    The Wicker Woman®-Cathryn Peters (Chair Caning Forum) (Chair Caning Guild)

  4. Hello, this a questio from wife Claudia, who don’t speak english, we would like to know what kind of material is used for weaving?, is it cloth, thread or wool? thank very much for answer!

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