Scrappy Mountain Majesties

Scrappy Mountain Majesties in on the quilting machine.

The new lights are AMAZING.  I can’t believe I used to quilt without them.  They were well worth the investment.

I am quilting it with my version of Jungle Riot from the Pajama Quilter.  I have done this on several quilts now and love it.  I never thought it would happen but it’s a design that I don’t even need to think about anymore.  My arms are just trained to free hand it.   I am far from perfect at it but I can see improvement each time I use it and it just feels comfortable.

I am hoping to finish this up and bind it today.  I have a cute story to tell with the quilt so stop back tomorrow.

If for some chance you don’t hear from me, don’t worry.  We are in the middle of a blizzard.  We are expecting somewhere between 10-14 inches of snow with winds around 35 miles an hour.  It should be interesting.  With weather like that there is always the chance of loosing electricity.  We have a generator so no worries…at least if I get this quilt bound I’ll something to snuggle up in.

13 thoughts on “Scrappy Mountain Majesties”

  1. The lighting looks wonderful. Great job on finding a way to get it cheaper too. That’s always fun. And you know, now you have almost $400 more to buy fabric right? LOL

    ugh. That storm is really freaking me out right now. Wouldn’t you just know THIS is the day my husband is driving to MI to pick up my son who attends law school over there? He left over an hour ago and so far, all rain BUT, coming back is when I’ll be on pins and needles until they arrive home again. They’ll be hitting the storm about that time where it will be changing over and the winds will be very high as they are driving through the Chicago area. Never fun to be anywhere near that area during a storm of any kind, much less this big one we’ve got headed our way. They are now saying those winds are going to be closer to 50mph which will make the chances of losing power probably much highr, especially if there is a period of time during the changeover from rain to snow (otherwise known to us here in Northern IL and WI areas as freezing rain/ice time) and it’s coated the power lines. ugh. I may have to take to drinking by the time they are finally home. It’s going to be a very long 10+ hrs of stress I think.

    Anyway, I love the quilting design you’re doing. It looks really good. And now with those awesome lights, you will be able to quilt even better I bet. Have fun.

  2. that is one beautiful quilt, and the quilting motif you chose goes so well with it! the overhead lights certainly do make a huge difference.
    hoping you can stay safe and warm during this storm.

  3. Your quilt looks so cosy. I remember those blizzards in Iowa and being stranded out in the country until the roads are cleared. The wind and drifting snow are the worst. Once we were without electricity for three days and had to melt snow to flush the toilet. Enjoy snuggling in your new quilt.

  4. Amazing how much better a little light on things can improve the process! Give your DH a big hug! Love your quilt and the quilting is wonderful too. Don’t loose your puppy in the snow…Sandi

  5. Looks so good, great lights. You did a great job with them. I have loved seeing your mountains since you started this quilt. It was the inspiration for me to do my own,(which looks nothing like yours because I didn’t get the light/dark divided as well) But I love it and I hope my son loves it too.

  6. We lived in Iowa for 13 wonderful years and I do remember those type snowstorms. Stay safe and warm. I’d like to see a little (very little) snow in Charlotte, NC for Christmas Day..after everyone has arrived!!

  7. You must be sending your storm up to Canada we may get 12 inches overnight and tomorrow. I am on broadband for my computer and the wind is already kicking me off regularly.
    Love what I can see of your quilt.

  8. sounds like normal weather for us here in alaska! i love your quilting machine. i called my husband over to look at it, and i said, isn’t it beautiful! and he said, well, i guess, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! enjoy!

  9. It’s really pretty! I have used that same quilting design before. It’s one of my favorites! There’s nothing like good light when you’re quilting!

  10. Really good looking quilt top. How many quilts can one person make? lolol – this one is now ‘on m y list’.

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