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As you all know, I can’t have gluten.  A while back, I saw that there were gluten free rice crispies on sale (I know that sounds dumb because they are rice right?–Think again!).  I had forgotten that I had them until one day when I was browsing through facebook and saw an amazing looking recipe for scotcheroos.  I went to the cupboard to make sure I had corn syrup…and I didn’t, so I had to wait.

When I went grocery shopping a few days later, I ended up searching the store upside down and backwards to find light corn syrup and when I did, I was pretty pumped because these were screaming–“GET IN MY BELLY!!!”

So, when I had some spare time (which isn’t too common), I whipped up a batch and boy oh boy are they amazing!  Jason even liked them!  But he enjoys most things that 8-year old children like, despite being a 31 year old man.

Scotcheroos (400x216)


If you want to partake in this wonderful goodness, here’s the recipe–Scotcheroo Bars!

Before you make them though, let me warn you–I would recommend having lots of other people around you that like them because you might just want to eat them all up!


2 thoughts on “Scotcherooooos!!”

  1. Brenda Ackerman

    Oh you have my mouth watering! Absolutely love no bake cookies this time of year, then add peanut butter and chocolate! I am doing a happy dance! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Kelli
    You probably are already aware of this, but just in case:
    Most passover recipes do not have any gluten in them. You have to look for what’s called non-gebrokhts (various spellings) meaning that those who keep this custom do not use any matzah meal in anything. mostly, potato starch is used in recipes. But there is a whole industry making this kind of ceareal, cakes, cookies, blintzes (crepes) etc. If you need more info you can email me.

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