Yesterday I browsed the local “used store” while my daughter had her guitar lesson.  I checked out the used magazine section and SCORE!
Some WONDERFUL person cleaned her sewing room and donated it to the store.  This BEAUTIFUL stack of books and magazine was mine for $.25 each.  My total for this…  $10.50.  That is a LONG time of reading and paging through.  It’s total eye candy for me!  Many of these are about 10 years old.  I have paged through a few wondering how to modernize some of the cutting techniques for rotary cutting or contemplating if I could make the quilt with a charm pack or layer cake instead.   My husband thinks I am crazy….who would want old magazines!?!  …answer…ME!

4 thoughts on “SCORE!”

  1. I would like old magazines…I think dad thinks I’m crazy too….So we can just be crazy together!!!!

  2. Wow what a great find! I am always looking for quilt magazines at the thrift stores. I find them once in a while. I love to buy them for 25c instead of $6!

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