Score…Scrap Bags!

I went to the local quilt shop to pick up my Block of the Month and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had put up a scrap bin.  Apparently, they originally wanted $6 per 1 quart ziplock bag fill of scrap fabric left over from shop projects.  The quart bags were on sale for $2!  Customers could dig through the bin and pick out their own scraps.  It was WONDERFUL…..It was a cheapskates delight!


These little piles represent 3 bags worth or $6.  Woo-Who!
There’s 1.5 yards of blue scraps (for a True Blue quilt I am planning), 2 yards of black, about a yard of creams, a half yard of Rouenneries by French General (to go with my other scraps). a quarter yard of brown and greens, black and white scraps and my favorite….a half yard of scraps from Jo Morton’s Spice Chest!  There’s about 6 yards of fabric all together….I am so happy.

I think I am going to become a regular shopper of their scrap bin.  There were 30’s prints I’d love to stuff in a bag.  Some of the pieces I got were 1/2 yards cuts.   Some quilters I am sure would turn up their nose at someone else’s scraps….but not me.  I think the most beautiful quilts are scrappy.

To make me even more happy….the thrift store had old quilt magazines….25 cents each.  I got 34 magazines!  I’ll be busy reading old magazines…

Who knew $14.50 could make me so happy!

13 thoughts on “Score…Scrap Bags!”

  1. Gotta love some good scrap bags! I love finding treasures like that and magazines for a quarter – I would have so been on that one also! Love, just love old quilting magazines!

  2. Money well spent. The blues alone could have cost what you spent on the whole day’s haul! Well done to a girl who thinks like me!

  3. You’re cute. You remind me of shopping with my daughter the other day. She found some cute fabric and said, “Mom, a quarter yard is only $1.22. Quarter yards make you so happy, it’s worth it!”

  4. I do that too Jo ! What delight I have digging my way through that basket at my LQS … sometimes there’s some real treasures in there! My LQS charges $2.50 a bag… and man, I can stuff that baby full! Looks like a turtle it’s so round in the middle :)

  5. What a great idea for your LQS to do that! I love to purchase scrap bags. I once purchased a 10 lb bag of fabric samples on Ebay — at least three projects have come out it and it’s still full! And some coordinated pieces from a Fons & Porter scrap turned into a gift quilt. Scraps rule!!!!

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