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I love school supply shopping.  I think it’s a bit of the teacher in me that just smiles when I see new boxes of crayons and markers gracing the shelves of stores.  For the last couple years I have just looked from afar as I don’t dare go much closer or I’d have goodies in my cart with no kids to use them.

This year not so!  I have kids and can shop the aisle.

It’s a month before schools start around here and already I hit the aisle.  Our old markers were a mix of some washable and some not washable.  They were also a mix a dried out and a few good.  I threw them all out and started with new.


I splurged and bought some twistable crayons too.  The kids love variety and boy oh boy do I have a group of kids that like to color!!  I have never had a group of kids that loves free art time like this group of kids do.  I just love it.  If there are scissors, glue or paper in sight they are busy creating and making.

This was also my first installment of glue.  I buy lots and lots of glue.  The kids use it but we also do things like use the glue in recipes.  We make a fun puffy paint that is equal portions of glue and shaving cream along with some food color.  The kids love it.  There are other things we do too.

Typically I buy all of the supplies that I will need for the entire year now while the supplies are so cheap.  Then I keep a tote of them here replacing what I need as the year progresses.  So far I’ve bought what we needed…next trip is my stock up trip.

The fun thing with childcare is that I can hit the school aisle a couple times and get that “new crayon” high several times over the next month or so.

I know one thing I want to find yet is small note pads.  The kids absolutely love them.  They are always using them to make lists, “do their homework”, take notes when being the doctor and all sorts of things.  I had bought a bunch at a garage sale and they were a huge hit so I’ll be looking for them for sure.

If you’re out and about shopping and see me in the school aisle, don’t be surprised…I’m getting my school supply high.

2 thoughts on “School Supplies”

  1. Oh, there’s nothing like a brand new box of crayons.
    I still have a box of 64 in the drawer just in case, but no kids here.
    Have fun shopping.

  2. I known exactly how you feel. I prided myself in finding good deals on school supplies, and really enjoyed back to school shopping. Now that there are no children at home, I have to hold back and deny myself that pleasure. I already have lots of school supplies at home.

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