School Day… Hooray?

Today’s the day….you know the day.  That bittersweet day when the kids go back to school…when you don’t really know if you’re happy or sad.  Happy for some peace….sad for the change and realization that they are growing up.

Karl headed off to his second year of debt   um…college.  We are following him shortly with the rest of his things for move in day.

Kalissa is heading off to her senior year of high school.

It’s funny…sending her off to the first day of kindergarten was easier than sending her off to her last year of high school.  So begins the slow countdown to an empty nest.

3 thoughts on “School Day… Hooray?”

  1. I’m sending my last one off as a senior in high school too!
    I got kind of sad when I realized that this will be my last year of having a kid in school and going to school events.

  2. I’ll be sending my daughter to Kindergarten next year, so I’ve got a ways to go, but I remember like yesterday the first time I took her to daycare. The administrator was waiting for me by the door with a box of Kleenex. lol Oh, please tell Kalissa that those shoes are absolutely DARLING. I’m not a girl that loves shoes…but I pretty much WANT a pair of those now. lol Wish I could wear open-toed shoes at work.

  3. I love my empty nest. I love when they come back home to visit too. yes the transision is hard. but that extra bedroom they left behind PRICELESS.

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