Scared Me!!

Today I was suppose to be washing dishes and everything was distracting me.  I finally told myself, how about I put the water on to heat and I’d have a cup of latte-but-I had to stay at washing the dishes and see how many I could get done before the water boiled.  (Yes, sometimes I have to play games with myself to get myself to clean.)  I filled my kettle and turned the burner on.

I was washing and washing.  In fact, I had made amazing progress.  In the back of my mind I wondered why the water wasn’t boiling yet…boy I was fast.  There was a piece of tin foil on the stove that I needed to take care of and a large pyrex measuring/mixing bowl on top of the tin foil that needed to be washed.  I picked the tin foil up with one hand and the bowl with the other.  As I was putting the pyrex bowl into the sink of water to wash it, I noticed that the burner of the stove underneath was red hot.  In that split second my brain said oh no and then that’s when the pyrex bowl shattered in the sink of water.  It had such pressure that some shards of glass flew up out of the sink.


Did I ever jump!!  Yep, it really scared me!!

Luckily I had a plate in the sink of dishwater that I hadn’t washed yet and that caught most of the glass.  I was able to lift it out and retrieve most of the glass.


What happened is..I turned on the front large burner that the tin foil and bowl were sitting on not the back small burner that the kettle was on.

Note to self…PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I’M DOING!!!  It really did scare me.  Funny thing in this all…rather than finish doing the dishes, I came wrote a blog post about it instead….See-I really do hate cleaning.

Oh…I am off to go turn the proper burner on the stove, heat up some water so I can have a cup of Maxwell International Coffee that I told you about earlier this week.

10 thoughts on “Scared Me!!”

  1. I did that one time and it cost me a new kitchen, luckily I didn’t lose the house. Needless to say, I am much more attentive now!

  2. Oh, boy! Sounds like something that happened to me once. Glad you are OK. That can be very scary. Sometimes it’s a hazard being a domestic goddess! Take care!

  3. thank heaven’s you didn’t get glass flying into your face or get cut! that has happened to me too, the wrong burner on, too hot glass into water. the worst though was when I was running afterschool daycare and I put a pan of hot brownies on a high heat resistant glass board and the board exploded outward into a million pieces with kids sitting all around the table. THAT scared the crap outta me on account of the kids. I forbade them to move from their chairs until I had brushed, swept and cleaned every surface..really makes you think

  4. I turn on the wrong burner frequently. Fortunately nothing serious has happened.
    I would much rather quilt, knit, anything, rather than clean!

  5. I’m so glad no one was hurt – and that you didn’t burn the house down! It’s because of exactly this kind of thing that I had to set a house rule that NOTHING gets set on the stove unless it’s being cooked on the stove. We’re always turing on the wrong burner, and lots of things have been torched. Never mind that the electric burners cost about $90 each to replace if you can’t get what you burn onto them off! Did you know that Corningware will actually melt and become a permanent part of an electric burner? So nothing gets set on my stove anymore!

  6. I did that is our first apartment, only it was a case of pop on the burner. The cardboard caught on fire and the pop exploded. Totally mess everywhere. The only time we have ever had to use our kitchen fire extinguisher, thank goodness we had one..

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