Saying Goodbye

Wednesday was funeral day.  What a day…happiness, joy, sorrow, tears…it was a day full of emotion.  I knew it would be.  I knew it wouldn’t be an easy day but surrounded by family made it much better than I anticipated.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures.  Sometimes when I’m doing family stuff, I forget that I blog…  Today..I was definitely not thinking about blogging.  I did have to take a picture of this though.  This was the drape on Jody’s casket.  It’s made from live flowers.  It was stunning.  A friend of Jody’s made it for her.  Jody’s dad said the friend called and asked if she could honor Jody that way and everyone said yes.  Jody would have loved it….really loved it.

It looks like a quilt, doesn’t it??  I didn’t touch it..I didn’t want to ruin it.  I know nothing at all about the construction, only that is was beautiful and so fitting for Jody.

Here it it draped over the casket….lovely.

Jody and David have some amazing children.  The triplets, Ryan, Stacey and Dawn are juniors in high school.  Zach is in 8th and Matthew 5th.  All of the kids wanted to be a part of the service and were.

Dawn read Proverbs from the Virtuous Woman.

The boys read a verse together.

..and Stacey read a beautiful tribute she wrote about Jody.

I’ll tell you again and again.  Jody put her life’s effort into the kids and it shows.  It really shows!!

During the service, pictures of the family vacation where shown.  Jeremy, Jody’s oldest brother noted that at 4th of July time, little did they know these were the last pictures they would take as a sibling family.

With that in mind, my siblings, took a picture together too.  Who knows…will this be our last pictures together??  I sure hope not.

There was a debate on where to take the picture…we decided here, so we’d remember the occasion.  This was debate…oldest to youngest…boy/girl, that’s fairly typical.  I do like to point out I’m the youngest…the sassiest too.

Then Judy, the photo conscious one, realized we’re not centered…

…so she moved us all over.

And we went from oldest to youngest.  Left to right…Judy, Jule, Jay, Jim and me.

Then Judy said…change things up once and the girls were in the middle.

Karl was behind the camera taking pictures.  Little did we all know that he was snapping as we were goofing around.  I’m so glad he did.

This is my family.  Even in the worst times, we can make a little fun.  Jody, had she been here, would have been right with us.  She would have been behind the camera wanting the picture.  She really loved us all.  She was so accepting of our quirks and goofiness.

Such a huge hole is left without her.  She was so the glue that helped the family stick together…her own family and the extended family.  We’re all going to have to work harder without her here.

If anyone wants to read the obituary, you can find it here.

Then it was time to say the last goodbye and head towards home.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say, I’m already anticipating the next hello.  I’m not looking to leave the earth anytime soon but it’s a real comfort knowing some of my best buddies, Kramer and Jody, will be there waiting on me.  I can’t tell you how many times I reminded myself of the simple words I told Carver…”Everyone gets a chance to go live with Jesus, but it’s not our turn yet.”  I sure wish it hadn’t been their turn yet either….but here I am…they are gone…and so I muddle along trying to good on earth before it’s my turn.

11 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye”

  1. What a beautiful rememberance of your dear cousin. She sounded like a wonderful woman and a friend to many. Hard to have the loved one leave us – thanks for sharing. Love the family pictures and your spunkiness does shine through.

  2. What a difficult season it has been for you and your family. I love that you took pictures, including goofy ones. We’ve got to love each other while we can on this side.

  3. I really appreciated your words to Carver about everyone having a time to meet Jesus. So simple yet so wise. Just like many of the things He said, actually. Thank you for introducing us to your family, Jody’s children have been on my heart.

  4. I’m sorry for the losses you have had, The obituary told the story of someone who was dearly loved.
    The flower quilt was beautiful.

  5. Sounds like Jody was a wonderful person. You were blessed to have her in your family. The floral quilt is amazing. Condolences on your loss.

  6. It’s never easy saying goodbye to a loved one, even if we will “see them later”, is it? I keep telling my grand kids I’ll be standing right near Jesus when it’s their turn to go home. I hope that will help them when the tie comes.
    I know Jody was such a blessing in your life as well as a good friend and cousin. She left behind some wonderful memories for you. Think of those too, and smile.

  7. The flower quilt was amazing and I know that she will be missed by her family. I’m sorry for your loss of someone so young and so close to your own heart.

  8. Many years ago, when I lost my grandfather, I was phoning for a sitter for the children. My five year old asked me, “Mommy, what is a funeral?” Trying to think quickly for something to say that might make sense to a young child, I answered, “It is a special way to say goodbye to someone who is gone.” He screwed up his little face and replied, “That must be a lonesome time.”

    Enough said.

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