Saturday’s Ruby Update

I had to teach class in Osage today.  I left at 6 am and finally got home just a bit ago.  I had gotten up TWICE in the night with Ruby so I was unsure what I would come home to.

I was worried about Ruby as I wasn’t home all day.  I arranged things so that the kids had morning dog duty and Hubby would have afternoon dog duty.  I arranged for Hubby to come to the house in the morning to give Ruby her meds.

I came home to this!!  Ruby is so much more herself.  Previous to today she would have never done this.  She is ringing her bell to go outside and going up and down the four outside steps herself.  I am so-so happy to see the progress.  It looks like she is on the mend.

Thanks for the thoughts, concerns and prayers that you have all sent our way.

24 thoughts on “Saturday’s Ruby Update”

  1. So glad to hear and see that Ruby is doing better! Also is nice to see Roger has more gray hair than I do…and I imagine he has earned every one of them!…hello Roger…

  2. Deborah DeBerry

    I am so excited for you. When I read this I started tearing up–didn’t realize just how worried I was about Ruby. Prayers of thanks abound!!!

  3. Woohoo!!!!! Great news! Just don’t be worried if she seems a little slower tomorrow-after all that movement today, she may be a little sorer tomorrow. Keep your chin up-looks like she is on the mend!!!

  4. Very good news. I agree with Kim above, and also, don’t let her overdo it; this was major surgery and it will take some time to completely heal. So very grateful for this outcome!

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