Saturday’s House Adventures

Saturday was the day that Hubby was determined that the garage was going to get moved.

They had a plan…now would it work??  They backed a heavy duty wagon into the garage.  Then they took the tires off the wagon which set the wagon on the ground.

Then the put the bridge plank boards across the wagon and bolted them to the side walls of the garage.

Then they put inflatable rescue air bags from the fire department under the wagon.

Then they inflated them.

The garage lifted.  Then they put the wheels back onto the wagon.  Now the garage is on the wagon waiting for the cement guy to come and poor the new pad for it.

Aren’t my guys smart??  We’re hoping by the end of the week, they can reverse the process and the garage will be at it’s new home.

9 thoughts on “Saturday’s House Adventures”

  1. Yes, your guys are smart! I wondered how they were going to accomplish the move. Great idea and thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes the guys are smart. The valves and connectors are shiny new! And all you need is cement!!! Almost better than quilting.

  3. Holy Shmoly! Are they ever smart!!! I would love to know someone who could do things around my house like that! I live in an adorable brick house that was build in 1958 and have several “little projects” that to me, feel insurmountable! Your guys would think my projects were a cake walk!!! Love seeing your progress on your house and am VERY excited for you about the book deal. Are you Wonder Woman???? :)

  4. I think people that live in the country find ways to do it yourself much more then city folks do. .I’m not sure who thought of the phase “Dumb Country Bumpkin” but a bet they lived in the city…………….

  5. And to think my dad and uncle spent HOURS and HOURS with farm jacks to raise our old barn!! I think it took 3 days to slowly raise and support the walls so they could walk down the feed alley without banging their over 6 foot tall heads! Ain’t technology great?

  6. They are brilliant! I just told my husband what you are attempting to do so he could see if he could do they same with our pump house which has a pipe metal frame. We need to move it so we can pour a footing under it to support it and enclose it for the winter. He is also a volunteer fireman. Got to see if they have those airbag hoses!
    I learn more than quilting from you blog!
    Wishing you the best when they move that puppie!

    Take care.

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