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Hey all…
Congratulations to the winning bidders on the auction.  My apologies.  I ended up taking Gannon to urgent care last night and didn’t get home until 8:30 then had the stuff to put away.  Gannon’s okay.  Just an ear issue.  Kalissa and Craig were both at work so I was on Grandma duty.  By the time I was settled it was too late to dive into contacting anyone about the auction.  If you want, feel free to contact me at with your name, address, and item you won along with the method you want to pay.  My Paypal address is the one I gave you…I can Venmo now too.  Otherwise, pending no Grandma duty, I’ll contact you after childcare tonight.

Now onto today’s post.

Saturday was my day to spend with my girls.  For those of you new to the blog, my husband Kramer and I had five kids.  There are two girls, then two boys and then one girl.  We had 5 kids over the span of eight years.  Now that they are older, and our youngest had the first grandbaby, they don’t seem much different in age.

They were having a junk/vendor show in our area and the girls and I tried to figure out how we could all get together and go.  I also told them we needed to try to go without kids.  I knew they all could use a few hours when they didn’t feel the demands of family…well at least not the demands of little ones.  It’s a bit of a feat considering that means finding childcare for 6 kiddos.  I encouraged all of them to ask their in-laws to help out and all of them did.

There were two places that we were planning to go to.  The first was to the vintage sale I always go to call The Twisted Sisters.  This is the place I got the goodies from to finish up my sewing room.

I was so busy looking and forgot to take pictures so I got some from their Facebook page.  You can find their page HERE.  This is two sisters who do junking and sell their finds to all of us.

They are my favorite junkers EVER!  Their prices are reasonable. 
They fix some stuff up but not too much.  I like to do some of the fixing myself.

If you are looking for antiques in perfect condition, this is probably not your sale.  If you’re looking for something to paint or fix up at a reasonable price, these are your girls.

The other thing I love about their sale…they ALWAYS have furniture.  The only thing…I’m out of places for furniture to go.

They had a manikin there that had a little alteration done to it…Check it out…

Kalissa and Kayla both couldn’t resist having their picture taken with it.

One of the manikins had already sold.  They were $120 each.  I thought they were good for a laugh but I don’t think she would fit into my landscaping plans.

Kayla got asked a couple of times about her romper.  She got it at Target.  It’s totally Kayla.

We left there with a couple of purchases but not a lot.

From there we went to the next sale.  This one is part junk…part gift shop stuff and part vendors.  There were several clothing vendors.

Me, I’m more attracted to the junk…or should I say antiques.  This sale has a $5 admission the other sale has none.

I LOVED this spool cabinet but it was pretty wobbly.  Notice the spools on the corners.  They are vintage spools that are glued together.  This was so cute…I think it was only $14 but I couldn’t figure out what to do to stabilize it.

This looked like a vintage book but was a box…

The place where the sale is consists of a farm with seven buildings.  The barns/sheds all are completely cleaned out.  They have vendors set up in the buildings with their own booths.

There are quite a few vendors that have outdoor spaces too.

There is most every kind of vendor.

One of the last booths in the last barns that we looked at had nicely redone furniture.  It was all pretty farmhouse-looking.

Kalissa ended up buying the white buffet on the left.  It was only $200.  She thought about getting it.  Took a picture, called Craig, and was standing there hoping he’d get back to her.  Another lady came up and she was going to buy it but the lady stopped her and said Kalissa was there and she was waiting on the phone call.  Kalissa just said she’d take it.

I think it will look nice in their house.  Their dining room is narrow and this is narrow.

While Kalissa was finishing up paying I went around the corner and saw this clothing booth.  I saw the hats there on the table.  I just knew Kalissa would look good in a hat.

When she came out I told her to try one on and she did…

Yep, she ended up buying it.

From where we wrapped ourselves around and started heading towards the car.  I had done so well.  I didn’t buy anything there…There honestly was nothing that jumped out and said “buy me”.

We met the gal that prints shirts for Kalissa there.  She was there with her sister who has a candle-making company.  We asked her to take our picture…

From there we loaded up Kalissa’s finds….and kind of parted ways.  Kayla and I took Kalissa home and then we decided to go find something to eat for lunch.  Kelli and Kalissa had other plans.  Kalissa was going biking.  Kelli needed to get back for the boys.

After lunch, Kayla and I stopped at the yogurt store for frozen yogurt.  Then we parted ways…

Here are my purchases for the day…

Vintage red fabric.  YES, even though I don’t typically was fabric, this I will wash.  Both are big enough to back a twin-sized quilt.  One was $5 the other $4.

I’m hoping that someday we can try this again…it was a nice time being with the girls with no kids.  I told them we need to make this some type of a tradition.  It could be as simple as one day together every year only the girls with no kids.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my grandkids but I really love my girls too.

When my girls got old enough to have kids but didn’t have any yet, people would say, “No grandkids yet?  Doesn’t that bother you?”  I would always say, I didn’t have kids just to have grandkids.  I love my kids all on their own”.  This is still true.  It always will be and I want my kids to always know that I love them and want to spend time with them.  I don’t just want them because they provided grandbabies.  I think it’s important for them to hear that.  I hope they did on Saturday when we spent the morning together.

12 thoughts on “Saturday with the Girls”

  1. How fun! So glad you could spend time with “just” the girls. It is important to do that once in awhile and you all have so much fun together. You are blessed.

  2. I’m drooling over all the vintage quilt tops I see there. I don’t seem to find many where I live. Those are the only things I quilt by hand any more. So glad you had fund with the girls!

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Perfect way to spend a day with your girls!! You are so lucky to have them all close enough to be able to do this occasionally – so important for all of you!!

  4. How wonderful for you and the girls! Our 3 daughters live 10 or 600 or 2700 miles from us, and the last time all 4 of us did something like that just might have been wedding dress shopping in 2010!! Enjoy them!!

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    What a a fun day to do junkin with all your girls. Nice idea to make it a tradition.

  6. What a fun day with the girls and I love those kinds of junking places. The mannequin is too funny.

  7. I’m the same way. I LOVE my grandkids but at the same time, I still love spending time with my kids — I LOVE them to the moon and back!

    T Black

  8. I do Love old “junk” or anything unusual. In your second picture with that lovely white China cabinet sits a green nightstand. I have one same color and almost same style. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family adventures with us.

  9. Great day with you and your girls! I have three sisters and every year the day before Mother’s Day we get together with our mom and no kids or husbands and shop at a antique mall then have lunch.its always fun,and now it’s our Mother’s Day tradition.

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