Saturday with Kelli and Georgia

On Saturday I had nothing that I had to do.  None of our kids were at our house.  I woke up and for the most part it felt like Saturdays of my past…a whole do to do my choosing.  I can’t tell you the last day I had like that.  It felt like a luxury.

There was an auction I could go to….there was a house I could clean…there was yard work I could do…there were blog posts I could write.  But what did I do?  I called Kelli and asked if she had some bottles Kalissa could try out with Gannon and she did.  I new before Georgia was born, she would go to garage sales and buy bottles in new packaging just in case Georgia hated the bottles she had.  Well Georgia never used the bottles so I thought I could get the bottle from Kelli and Gannon could try them out.

West Union is the closest place to meet…and the Backstitch in Elkader is only a little further down the road.  If you don’t know, the Backstitch is a cross stitch and quilt shop in Elkader.  I was on a mission to get a few threads so I could start one of the projects that I had bought when we went to Osage a few weeks ago.  Kelli was looking for thread too.  You might remember she bought cloth in Osage at the Stitchery Nock…now she needed thread.

I’ve seen lots of Kelli as she’s been such a help with covering childcare so I can take Kramer to his cancer treatments.  But most of the time, she’s been here..I’ve been gone.  We needed a fun day…and we got it.

This piece is so tempting.  I’ve seen it online.  To see it in person is even better.  WOW.  I was so tempted but I didn’t get it.  I have enough to stitch.

Kelli loved these but she resisted temptation too.

The Tom Turkey Sampler was one I liked and I have it on my list to possibly get but I’m holding myself to finishing something before I buy something.

Little Miss Georgia was with….she’s so precious.
She fussed once.  After one minute she stopped.

Once I saw the thread I tried to pull myself away from the charts…

and get the thread I came for!!  It’s so hard.  Everything is tempting.

They have some nice embroidery patterns too.

..and wool projects.  These are so sweet.

Kelli is VERY hot on cross stitch right now and these were on her list.

The shop was nice but I do have to say that Kelli and I were a little disappointed.  There were two stitched samples we were wanting the charts for…this one….

…and this one….

…but there were out of stock.  The hard part, it took about a half hour for them to look through everything to tell us they were out of stock.  We’ve been to other shops and they check their inventory and can immediately tell us.  That’s so much more efficient.

When it came to thread…several of the ones we were looking for were out of stock too.

I know it’s hard and everyone has their own systems but if I were running a cross stitch shop I would LABEL every sample so the patterns were easy to find.  I would have an inventory of what I had so I could reorder more easily and be more helpful to customers if there were looking for a specific pattern….still we did have a nice time.  It’s still a nice shop.  These are only my picky preferences.

There are two buildings adjoined.  The front right corner is cross stitch.  The rest is quilting….

They have lots of quilting fabrics and goodies.  We were on a cross stitch mission and stayed away from the fabric so we weren’t tempted.

From there we went back to West Union where we had met up.  We stopped for a late lunch at The Barrel.  It’s a drive in.  

When customers are ready to order, they turn their lights on.  I know this is crazy but I had no idea how to turn the lights on.  They turn on automatically and I’ve never manually turned them on.  I messed with it and guessed that they were on as a waiter came to our vehicle.    We ordered…

The waiter brought our food and I had to roll the window up part way so the tray could hook on the window.  Yep…it’s a good old fashion drive in.

Look at this box of onion rings.  This box is only $6.50!!!  It’s HUGE.

Well we ate.  It was time to go and UGH!!  I had left the lights on.  I left the key engaged and forward from when I rolled the window up…the truck didn’t start.

So Kramer to the rescue.

UGH.  He ended up jumping the truck and all was well.  I apologized several times to him.  He finally told me, “I’m glad I can still rescue you.”  I am too.  I’m so glad he can still rescue me.

We had a good day all in all.  We were home just in time for the sun to be out and enough time in the day to do some yard work.  It was a great Saturday.

14 thoughts on “Saturday with Kelli and Georgia”

  1. Having a day where you can get out and do something fun is necessary. I had a day like that on Saturday too except I succumbed to fabric I didn’t need. I also looked at some cross-stitch but didn’t find anything I wanted to come home with me. I need to go dig out all my stuff to see what I have just in case. It’s been over 25 years since I did any! Good to hear that Kelli is doing ok as she had been on my mind. She is such a trooper! I was so touched by Kramer’s statement about still being able to rescue you.

  2. You and Kramer have such an amazing relationship. My farmer husband would have a hard time saying what Kramer told you but he thinks it and shows it. Have been thinking and praying for all in your family. Normalcy is so important for our sanity. So glad you had a day with Kelli and Georgia as well as a rescue by Kramer!

  3. Sometimes the simplest sentence from our men folk can be the most heart warming! ( I bet everyone who reads your blog today goes, “Awwwww”! )

  4. Marianne Barta

    Oh — a Day to Play is so fun! So very glad you got a chance to spend time with the little one and your daughter. Those are the best days. Continued prayers and Hugs to you all.

  5. I’m in tears reading your post. I follow your blog from Ireland. I share it with my husband, who is from PA, he is ex USMC l, we live in Spain, NC and Calif. Your romantic husband is so sweet, I don’t think the farmers who live around me here in rural Cavan would be so pleased to leave their chores but maybe I under estimate them. We send you all our best wishes for your family. Excuse the typos I cannot type through my tears.

  6. Well, I suggest putting Kramer’s sweet response on a pillow, wall hanging, book cover in cross stitch, embroidery, calligraphy. . . as it SAYS IT ALL for the both of you AND your family!! Put a patent on it before your blog (prayer warriors) get it done for the selves! Love, hugs, & prayers to you all, Gloria

  7. Lol, Jo, I think we are all smitten with Kramer! I too think you need to cross stitch what he said! And make a pattern! Glad you enjoyed your day and your knight in shining armor rescued you as usual!

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