Saturday with Connie and the Girls

Kayla and Kelli came home on Saturday for a planned trip to Rochester, MN.  We met up with Connie-my self proclaimed best friend!!  Connie’s been a blog reader for a bit.  We met at the quilt retreat this last summer.  It was so fun and great to feel like I have a kindred spirit.

We met and had a long lunch.  It was fun chatting and catching up.  I had talked some with Connie at the retreat but by the end of the day, everyone’s stories had jumbled together then multiply that times four days and I didn’t remember much information about anyone except that I felt a kinship with Connie.


After lunch we had the waitress snap our picture.  I am so glad she did because we have the moment captured.  Connie came bearing gifts…what a sweetie!!  There were vintage sheets and colored plastic bags for Kayla, a Little People doll house for my childcare kids, a cute farm set and ruler holders for Kelli and I….and the cutest little cow pitcher for Kelli.   I am always so in awe of the gifts others can come up with.  THANKS a million for thinking of us Connie.

From there we split up….We had errands and some thrifting to do.  Kayla is on the hunt for sweaters.  You might remember that Kayla is doing a charity knitting marathon.  I think she’s on mile 9 now.  It’s getting a little expensive though so she’s been picking up sweaters, taking them apart and then knitting them back up into items that can be donated to the various charities she’s working with.  The things she’s been making are so fun.  You can follow her on her Instagram account here.  She was so excited the other day she hit a thrift store and got some nice yarn.  Little by little she’s working her way through.  Sadly our quest did not score many sweaters.  So many of them were too expensive.

I was on the hunt for baby things.  We have two new babies coming to childcare.  I needed burp cloths, a bouncer seat, and receiving blankets.  It was fun to pick up some things.

Kelli was mostly along just because she wanted to see Connie.

We did stop at one antique shop.  Kayla hadn’t been before.  It’s Churn Dash Antiques.

Here’s a small tiny portion of what we saw….Quilts, rugs and coverlets…LOTS of them.


I love finding things that I remember as kid and pointing them out to the girls.  My mom had this can opener.


Of course I love all things furniture.  It always makes me sad to see something I don’t have room for like this Hoosier cabinet.  The upper glass was awesome.  Had we found this one before we bought the house, we’d have bought it.


I remember one year for Sunday School our teacher gave me one of these angels as a Christmas present.  I was tempted to get a couple carolers.   I am going to try really hard to find somewhere to put a couple next year and go back and get them.  For me they are reminiscent of Christmas’ that I felt happy.
Aren’t these game boards fun?


Of course we couldn’t pass by the section with sewing and crafting goodies.

The baskets were fun to browse through.  I always love baskets.


Kayla love 1950’s-ish things…I do too.  We all like red.  The store is sorted sometimes with like things together and sometimes by color.


Of all the things I saw, this was the closed thing that almost came home with me.  It has water stains along the bottom.  If I knew how to get them out, I’d have snapped it up.


After the errands were done and Kelli content with a McDonalds Real Fruit Smoothie we headed back to the border.

We chatted on the way home and all of agreed we’d had a great day and definitely want to head up and meet up with Connie again…we even suggested we should see if any of the other Minnesota retreat girls wanted to meet up with us….I still am overwhelmed with how many friends I’ve found via blogging.  Thanks for the goodies Connie and thanks so much for meeting up with us.

6 thoughts on “Saturday with Connie and the Girls”

  1. I have lots of yarn that I’ll probably never use…kind of like my fabric stash!!! So let me know what she’d like and I can open up my tubs!!

  2. The coffee cups to the left of the can opener are sitting in my cabinets now. I was able to homeschool our two kids and one of the highlights of the week was Monday afternoon game time with my parents. Those coffee cups were always front and center on the table while we played. So many things learned, stories told and love shared over those cups. Thanks for sharing :)

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