Saturday-what a day!

Saturday I was up and “at ’em” early.  Kalissa and I had plans to go up to the Generations Antique Mall in Harmony, MN to restock our booth.  We had confirmation that a few of our things had sold and the booth was looking a little empty.  We had sold a bigger item..the coffee table Hubby made.  (I blogged about him making it here.)  That made the booth seem empty.


We loaded up and were on our way but decided to go through Decorah hit up the thrift stores and to see if there were any garage sales to be found.  We did great at the thrift stores…Kalissa especially did.  We’re both looking for the same yet different things to sell at our booth.

Here she is posing in the back of the truck on the awesome wooden bench she found for $20.  She has a show this weekend in Postville.  It’s the Big Barn Vintage Market on Saturday only.  Find out more about the show here.

Then off to Harmony.  The staff at Generations is so awesome and super helpful.  We just love it there.  Some antique places are junkie and aren’t kept up.  Now here.  It’s nice and clean.  Service is good.  If they see shoppers walking around and carrying something, they take it to the counter for them.  There is always plenty of help.  I’m so glad we’re part of a great group.

Here’s the booth restocked.

We had one of the more rustic booths.

It’s mixtures of whatever find at auctions…already have…or thrifting.

There’s honestly a little bit of everything.
Everything from old lunch boxes with the union fighting scab sticker to a pretty cream and sugar set.  We never know what will sell.  So far, a big variety of stuff has sold.

…and yes, we even are selling quilts.  See?
Kelli and I decided to part with a few of them.  The ones you see here were all published somewhere at some point.  From top to bottom it goes, Puddle Duck from our book, the next was published in Quiltmaker the January/February ’18 issue…next is Pilot Knob Picnic from our book and last is our quilt Double Dutch from May/June issue of McCalls Quilting.

I did take my Scrap Crystals quilt too.  If anyone is interested in them you can call the shop and ask for prices.  I don’t remember what we priced them at….not giveaway…in the $500 to $700 range.  We can’t keep them all….

We ended up stopping at the road side Amish stand..and a big vintage/antique stop.  We ended up killing a lot more time than I planned.  I had lots of fun with Kalissa.

Once home Hubby and I ran down to the Amish.  He was looking for heavy leather and got some at a harness shop.  We stopped at a couple garage sales on the way back home.  He ended up in bed early…me, I stayed up writing blog posts.  It was 11:30pm when I got to bed.  Then Hubby’s pager went off at about 4:20am.  It was for an empty house fire.

It was an old house and not a big loss.  One of the firemen was actually the owner.

I, of course, couldn’t get back to sleep….and now, as I write, it’s 9am on Sunday and I’m sleepy now.  Today might be a long day…but  Saturday was a pretty great day-minus the house fire- so that’s okay.  Hopefully early to bed for me tonight.

7 thoughts on “Saturday-what a day!”

  1. I said in the original post about the coffee table, that you wouldn’t have any problem selling it!!! Jo you might make a copy of the magazine article or book that shows the quilt being published and pin it to the quilt. It would help sell the quilt and will also provide some history for the future owner! I would want to know if I was buying a famous quilt!!!

  2. Your booth is looking great, I love the primitive style. I would also put something on the quilts, it would make the buyer informed about it background. Hope you got a nap somewhere.

  3. I think we’ll be making a trip to Harmony – I see a couple things of interest. It’s one of our favorite antique malls, easy to see everything, clean and neat.

  4. Wow, you filled up that booth fast! It should do well for you and hopefully you will sell your quilts. I agree, keep the pricing up there. Too much time and effort went into them. If they sell it is a bonus.

  5. Susan from Kentucky

    Oh my goodness! You’re selling your Scrap Crystals quilt? I never thought I would see that! That has to be one of the prettiest quilts you’ve made. I would have kept that and cherished it.

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