Saturday-Wedding Day and More

Saturday was the day we had the wedding that I made the Texas Tumbleweeds quilt for.  Kelli had the whole day off, Hubby and Jason didn’t.  We opted to miss the ceremony and got to the reception.  We’d have like to go to the wedding but we have a quilt that needs to be shipped out for publication and needs to be there the first of November.  I’d really like to get it there soon but that can’t happen if it’s not sewn.

I had been casually sewing on it over the last week or so but haven’t sat down and did any “hard” sewing.  Kelli came and cut out the rest of the quilt.


While she did that, I sat down and started power sewing.  The quilt only needs 25 blocks but they are bigger blocks…but easy to sew.  In no time I had the “dark” blocks done…then a helper stopped by…but he wasn’t much help.  Carver got to see the upstairs of Grandma’s house.  He was pretty fascinated with it all.


Hubby got done with work so it was time to head out to the wedding.  We were there only a few minutes and the mother of the bride stopped me and told me about a problem they had.  The sister of the bride who was a bride’s maid had a little wardrobe malfunction.  The zipper of her dress completely gave out.  It was awful.  They had rounded up a bunch of safety pins but it looked bad and was very uncomfortable.  She asked if we could fix it.  I didn’t quite know what she meant as initially I thought she meant put in a new zipper…she said- no, just sew her into the dress.  That sounded do-able so Kelli and I took off to my house to get needles and thread.

Once back we found the sister.  Kelli started unpinning all of the safety pins and I threaded needles.  Kelli started sewing from the top down and I started from the bottom up.  She wasn’t picky and it was okay if the thread was visible…she was just going for comfort at this point.  Pictures were over and the lights at the reception were dimming.


It was a very unusual happening.  I’m so happy we were there and could help out.

Kelli and Jason don’t get out very often so I snapped a picture…..


Hubby never allows us to get out picture taken but I asked…and he said yes.  I took advantage.


It was a fun Saturday….fun wedding and great to have have a chance to spend time with the family and friends.

I ended up early Sunday morning and managed to get the center of the quilt top sewn together.  Now borders, quilting and binding.  I sure am glad we managed the big push.  It makes me feel a lot better about the deadline.

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  1. Oh so funny! I ALWAYS travel with my handwork. I also was asked to sew up some bridesmaid dresses! It seemed that the dresses were to be taken up at the waist and while all the dresses were basted they were NOT sewn shut! I handed out needles and thread and showed the mothers how to run a seem…LOL It was sew funny! There is a picture in the bride’s album showing all the bridesmaids with their long skirts over their heads and the mothers sewing the waists shut :)

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