Saturday Surprise (a not so good one)

Friday night it was the consensus that I was to get some sleep.  I had a rough go of things with my own doctor appointments and sometimes, when a person can’t do much of anything they can control, sleep is the only medicine that does any good.

Kelli and Kayla were here.  We went to Good Friday church then came home and tried to figure out something I could eat….something Kramer could eat and something Kayla could eat.

Kramer’s problems with swallowing have progressed over the last couple days.  Eating is getting harder and harder.  The doctor told him on Tuesday that he’s a little early for this to be happening.  He said for some swallowing gets so bad that they need to go on a liquid diet.  Unfortunately he has gotten to where everything needs to be soft food….not puree yet but definitely soft.

Kayla is vegetarian.

Me…I put myself on the low iodine diet starting yesterday.  I was told at my appointment that we’d do a PET scan and then if nothing shows up on the PET scan, I’d need to have the full body scan.  To have the full body scan I have to be on the low iodine diet for 10 days….so I want to be ahead on the two weeks schedule-so I started the diet.  Maternity leave for Kelli and Kalissa is coming to an end before long and I want to have their help to manage the childcare kids so the quicker I get this done, the better…that is if I need to have it done.

So…what can we eat???  We ended up with Fajitas.  Kayla couldn’t have the meat…I couldn’t have the tortilla.  It was a little much for Kramer to eat but he managed by eating very slowly.

After supper all I heard from the three of them was “go to bed mom”….”what can I do so that you’ll just go to bed”….”are you going up soon?”.  I really think they all conspired against me.

As tired as I was, I still wanted to do something for me.  So I got out the bag that I take on appointments and sorted.  I cleaned it out and got another project together to add to the bag.  It was just the small simple task that I needed to do to feel like I did something for me and a task I really wanted done before we go to the doctor on Monday for chemo.

By this time it was after 10pm.  Then upstairs I went to go to bed.  I had every intention of going to sleep but…that didn’t happen.  I put some clothes away and putzed.  So by 10:45pm I was finally lights out.

At 4:30 I woke up and went to the bathroom…I laid there a few minutes and dozed off.  I vaguely remember Kramer going downstairs and the next thing I knew Kelli came barreling up the stairs.  Kramer was sick and needed to go to the ER immediately.

I came downstairs.  Kramer’s breathing was terrible.  He was coughing.  We were sure he likely had pneumonia.  He requested to go to the ER.  That doesn’t happen often….He doesn’t ask to go to the doctor.

Well Kelli and Kayla flew into fast mode.  Kramer was bad enough that we thought there was a good chance he’d be admitted.  The girls were packing my bags…filling my medicine sorter as they were empty and running to do Kramer’s errands.  It was about then that Kayla said – “Oh no.  Mom-you need food.”  Remember I’m on low iodine now…ugh.  So then the girls packed me food and off we went.

We debated awhile on where we would go….Lacrosse or the local hospital ER.  We ended up opting for the local hospital.  It’s the ER that Kalissa works at and they all treat Kramer like a king when he goes.

Here we are…
…and here’s what we found out.Kramer unknown to me, quit taking his inhalers.  He has two that he has taken for several years.  He felt he was breathing good with oxygen….(He wears oxygen about 90% of the time now)  He thought he didn’t need it.  UGH.

So…all of that built up and his bronchi were not happy.  He was coughing terribly.  He couldn’t get his breath.  I was very worried.

They ran the gamut of tests…. x-ray, EKG, bloodwork…then nebulizer treatment.

He ended up going home with some stritch orders.  TAKE HIS INHALERS!!!  He also went home with a nebulizer machine.  UGH…I’m glad it was as easy as that but what a scare.

We were home by 11ish…just in time to figure out what we were going to eat again.  UGH.  I am VERY thankful that this was a bump in the road and not a hospital stay.

I’m writing this now at 7pm and I’m already getting the “you need to go to bed early” messages.  I am way short of sleep.  I promise…I’ll get there earlier tonight…. Hopefully no early morning trips to the ER tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise (a not so good one)”

  1. Y’all just can’t catch a break. Here’s to a good night of sleep for everyone and feeling the presence of joy on Easter.

  2. I think men are prone to stop medications if they think “they don’t need it.” I’m sorry this happened, but glad you were able to get help immediately and now it shouldn’t happen again (I hope!). My Dad used to say that getting older isn’t for the faint of heart. He was right. So glad you have each other to go through these things and your wonderful kids to help! Hope you got a good night’s sleep and that Kramer feels better soon. You are all in my prayers!

  3. Hubby has asthma and doesn’t use his inhalers nearly as often as he should. He is on a ton of meds and I think it just gets to be too much at times. I will get on him when his breathing is so labored that I can hear him across the room. Hugs to you Jo as you try to hold this family together while dealing with your own health issues.

  4. Bless you all!
    I have asthma, for all my life. Tho’ I have never smoked, both of my parents did. In our home and in the car.
    I, too, have to take inhaled corticosteroid twice a day. I hate it.
    However, I thank God for albuterol rescue inhalers and nebulizers! Our children also have asthma but having a nebulizer “cloud treatment”, I was able to tell our kids to go outside and run around and if, IF, they needed a cloud treatment, we always had it with us. I was told as a kid to stop running around, you’ll stir up dust and make yourself wheeze. Nebulizer and rescue inhalers mean a completely different life!

    I am glad to hear Kramer is using oxygen. My Dad has COPD and refuses to use oxygen even though the dr tells him he is taxing his heart with under-oxygenated blood. I think it’s vanity. Let me tell you, if I ever need to use oxygen, you can bet your sweet…err… bet the farm I will use it! And I will be a holy terror should I ever need an electric scooter!

    I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers. May you find renewal in the resurrection celebrations this weekend and my you be blessed with peace.

  5. Oiy when it rains around your place it’s a monsoon. You all or ya’ll need a break. Just a little one would really help. So I say we out here in cyber land need to flood you with prayers. Prayers are way better than the bumps in the road.

    Sorry that Roger hit a bump but don’t be too hard on him. He thought he was doing the right thing. I’m glad he was able to get fixed up locally so you all could go back home. You both need rest.

    Take care. Sending you love, hugs and prayers.

  6. As my husband often says, If it wasn’t for bad luck you wouldn’t have any luck at all. Prayers for you and Kramer. Check PayPal.

  7. I recommend a Nutribullet….it’s a blender-like appliance that can finely shred fruits and veggies so that with water, milk, and protein powder, you have a healthy, smooth drink. More nutritious than a commercial milkshake.
    I had a friend who fought various cancers for over 15 years.
    Her #1 admonition was to eat because those who eat survive longer than those who don’t. No matter how disinclined to eat, she made herself follow the dietary rules she’d been given.
    Hoping for the best for all of you.

  8. I really have no words for today except that I ‘m so glad Kramer is home and he is better. Do your breathing treatments, Kramer!
    Jo – get some sleep!
    Prayers for you all.

  9. Judith Fairchild

    Being quiet about what you believe on your blog isn’t a bad thing as it’s not what you say it’s how you live that makes the biggest impression. I look forward to reading your blogs it’s a good reminder that we all have bumps in the road to deal with. It’s how we handle them that says “I’m a Christian” not so much what we say. Thanks!!

  10. Carolyn Sullivan

    OH MY. We too are going through some health issues…. and I can say I’ve never been so tired, and unable to sleep in my life.
    Just say thank you…. it will get more easy to say. and my prayers are going out to you.

  11. You sure do have your hands full. You sound like a pretty positive person in spite of it all.
    Keep the FAITH and onward and upward. God be with you all

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