Quilt Shop Review: Merry’s Stitchins

Last Saturday I decided I couldn’t stand to be in my house any longer.  The boxes that were stacked up here were getting my nerves.  I hadn’t told you all that I needed the mail situation to change.  I was nervous to say anything and didn’t really know quite how to go about changing things.  Kalissa was driving home from working an overnight shift.  She called are we were chatting.  I told her I didn’t know what I wanted to do that day.  I knew I should stay home and tackle the mess but I really wanted to just get out of the house.  Then Kalissa said, “What could you do today that would make you happy by the time you went to bed?”

Hmm.  I told her to have this mail all taken care of would be my ideal.  She said well stay home and do it.  I just couldn’t.  I was so needing a break and time away to think it all through.  So…I wrote the blog post telling you all about the changes in the mail program.  Find that HERE if you missed it.  I scheduled it for the evening post.  I sent a copy of the blog post to our three daughters.  I asked them for their opinions…away I went.

As I drove away from my house I could feel the stress of it all lifting.  Whew.  I finally did it.  I went and shopped at the Amish settlement near Hazelton, Iowa then cut cross country to Merry’s Stitchins near Jessup Iowa.

As I drove I decided I was going to buy a wool kit if I could find one I liked.  I’ve seen several cross-stitchers pick up wool projects lately.  I’ve done several wool applique projects in the past and would love to do one again.  I really wanted to make a pillow for my dough bowl.

They had some cute wool things…

I liked this Welcome Sign but …
really couldn’t think of a place for it and a pillow was still what I really wanted.

There were lots of things to distract my looking.

The store has a great balance between samples and fabric.

There were some wool projects here but again…no pillow.

This zipper bag was really neat but I was trying really hard to concentrate on what I really wanted…a mini wool applique pillow kit.

I liked these pillows and would be so tempted to make something like this for a benefit.  People around here are big college football fans.

I was surrounded by tempting things but I was still staying strong.

There were so many novelty prints.  There was also those great strips for binding but I kept saying no.

The ceilings are high here and they were loaded with quilts.

There seriously was quilty goodness everywhere I turned.

If you live in Iowa…or even within a drive, this really is a nice big shop.

Merry’s daughter Julie is the owner and creator of the Patchabilites patterns.  One portion of the store is designated just for her designs.

She specializes in small wall hangings.  They had MANY different metal hangers for the wall hangings.

I was slowly getting closer to the wool section…but there were so many things that stopped me along the way.

I love farm prints…

What an amazing collection of black and white fabrics.

You can see I’m getting closer to the wool…

YES.  I found it.  So cute!!

Lots of table mats, runners and wall hangings…

I really did like them but, I wanted a mini pillow.  Hmm.

Do I cave and buy something else or hold tight and wait it out for what I really want?


In the end…nothing tempted me enough to make me buy it.

These cute polka dot scissors were the closest thing to tempt me…but in the end, I left the store with nothing.  I would love some cute ones to put in my cross stitch project bags, but it’s nothing I need.  So I passed.

It was fun just looking and I appreciate that I got away.  I’ll stop again…they always have great items to tempt me.

If you saw some thing that tempted you, I know nothing about prices or availability.  You would need to contact their shop. The information on Merry’s Stitchins’ can be found HERE.

23 thoughts on “Quilt Shop Review: Merry’s Stitchins”

  1. I am not surrounded by boxes but I do get Cabin Fever. Last Sat my son took me to Asheville to pick up some used Liberty-Wentworth puzzles I had bought. I am a puzzle addict. It gives my mind a change of pace from fabric and caregiving. I rarely find the really good ones at cheap prices so this was a treat. We even went to a fancy grocery store. I shop at Aldis, fast in and out. What a fun day out so I know how you feel.

    1. I would have had to get something. Sounds like you had fun. There were “quilt” shops in Trenton, FL and Cedar Key, FL that were fun to roam thru. The one in Trenton had a small lunch area, great food. Sadly both have closed.

  2. I would have ended up buying some fabric I like but didn’t need. Yesterday I went to the store to get some pine green thread for a Christmas project and 2 yards of red fabric to back 2 Christmas table runners that are in progress. I left the store with 4 additional cuts of fabric that I liked but currently have no need for, but I count it as a win at least I remember to get what I needed.

  3. Stir crazy after delta variant had me in search of any stitching having to do with sheep sheep and more sheep oh my!…got enough to keep me busy to March allergy season. Hope you find your project soon and I recall you blogging about Lisa Bongean’s “101 Itty Bitty Celebrations” I just finished some Halloween & Xmas stitcheries and now working on the sheep and turkey…til my sheep X-stitch projects arrive!

  4. Try looking at Granny’s Legacy Patterns, in Albert Lea. They are on FB and online.
    I have some of their cute pillow patterns.

  5. I am so glad you went out and about. Sometimes that is just what our soul needs. What a great shop! I would like shopping there, but I wouldn’t have been as strong as you and I would have come out with something. My husband never let me leave a shop without buying something and that is why I have an abundance of fat quarters and they are very handy.

  6. I will have to see what I have in wool patterns and supplies to send your way. Along with scissors. I have multiples of everything. I hope this does not cause you to have thousands of packages come your way. I am thinking I might have small pincushion patterns that could work. Happy Creating.

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Jo, you are a whole lot stronger willed than I am. I would have bought a little of everything that caught and held my attention. Till my money ran out. I have a suggestion. Design your own little pillow. That way you can get exactly what you want.

  7. What a great day you had! I need one of those…..I would not have been able to leave without anything! Ii was drooling just looking at all your pictures….how lucky you are to have such a beautiful store available to you, as it looked like they have something for everyone. I also am a wool person, and have made those round table toppers, and some wool table runners. I am glad you enjoyed yourself, and that it lifted your spirits. Please let us know when you find your perfect pillow kit….you are so strong to have been able to wait for what you really wanted. Have a great day, and I like the idea that when we are ‘down a bit’ that we can think about what your daughter said to you about doing something, or seeing someone, whatever, that would make you happy by the end of the day. Your solution was perfect, and I hope t helped you. It seems like it did, and if it’s any consolation, you helped me, too!

  8. I have to wonder – some of those candle mats or small table toppers – could they not be finished as a pillow? Maybe round ones would be easier to set in the dough bowl just right easier than a square one. I’m glad you had a nice day out, even though you didn’t find what you are looking for. Or maybe because you didn’t and did not “settle” for something not quite it.

  9. What an amazing store! I’d love to com from Washington to go shopping with you. :) Temptation is hard for me to overcome. You did great job. Have a great weekend. :)

  10. Jo, you are an amazing lady to not cave in and buy something from this beautiful shop with so many tempting things to take home with you.

  11. Jackie Trembley

    Hi Jo – I was wanting the same as you this week – a wool pillow kit. We’ll I couldn’t justify buying one when I have a wool kit downstairs in my craft room. I got out my kit – it’s for a table mat- I traced the designs then realized I could use the kit contents to make a pillow! So don’t necessarily pass up a wool kit if it’s not for exactly what you wanted – ask if you can turn into what you wanted! Yes, I still really want that Joy pillow kit from Buttermilk Basin, but first I’m going to turn the winter chickadee table mat into a winter chickadee pillow!

  12. Wow what a shop, I was drooling! Well Done for staying strong Jo, I’m trying not to buy any more cross stitch charts till next year. Judy L doesn’t think I will make it . Here’s hoping I can be as strong as you.

  13. Sorry you didn’t find what you want – but I bet you will at some point! You’re so good at searching, and adapting if necessary.
    That shop looked fabulous – makes me want to take a road trip to Iowa!! Yes, we all need “time away” sometimes and I’m glad you found it.

  14. Wow, that looks like an awesome shop! I admire (and really envy) your discipline and focus! I haven’t watched Elizabeth Ann Can Stitch’s latest Flosstube, but she just made a little Christmas wool pillow and was showing it. Maybe give her a look.

  15. The selection is amazing, but the customer service is terrible. This shop is close to me, but I drive farther for better service.

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