Saturday Saling

I hope you read the title of the post right…saling as in garage saling.  Not “sailing” as in a boat.  I’m not a boating girl….I am a garage saling girl.

Kalissa was on the hunt for some baby things and city wide garage sales were going on in Decorah.  She drug Kelli, Kayla and I along…I guess I shouldn’t say drug.  We were more than willing participants.

I was in the market for a few things for childcare:
Shoes.  My kiddos are infatuated with shoes right now.  I think they are at the age where buckles and ties are fun and with the season change they are going from shoes to sandals which I think prompted a big interest for them in shoes. I thought it would be fun to find a dozen or so cheap pairs of clean shoes from garage sales and let the kids play shoe store.

Well I found some.  I’m so excited.  Some are tie, some still have real buckles and I found boots with eyelets and hooks.  I found boots with zippers too.  We’ll be working on lots of fine motor things plus we’ll be doing lots of matching and talking about the concepts of things being too big or too little.

shoesBefore I put them all out for the kids to play with I’m going to hunt for a kids cash register.  There was one at one of the thrift stores but someone else there found it before I did and was walking around with it.  UGH.  I’m going to be patient for a couple weeks and see if one shows up and if it doesn’t, I’ll order a new one.  After all, what shoe store is complete without a cash register.  I am also going to get a couple more small white organizer containers so when the kids find the matching shoes, they can put them in a container.

I know it’s silly but sometimes I get more excited than they do!!  This I think they will love.

I was also on the hunt for a couple spare outfits and a spare girls coat for here…Sometimes it’s warm when the kids come so they have no coat and then it turns wind and they need one.  Rather than harp to parents to bring one anyway, it’s easier to buy a spare and have it here.

We ended up doing great and had great success.

I hit a garage sale that had shirts my size and in a style I like.  I picked up ten shirts.  I know that’s a lot but they get stained so easy with childcare.  Spending a $1 each allows them to be thrown away without feeling a bit bad once they are past their prime.  I found two zip up sweat shirts for childcare for me too.  So you can see I had fabulous luck.

..oh, I found a vintage fire truck for Hubby too.  He’s been looking for one with the fire hydrant and I found one.  He has a fire truck collection that he has fun with.


Kayla found yarn…Kelli some clothes…Kalissa some maternity clothes…other things too.

The only thing that made it hard was eating.  I could eat out so the girls were troops and we just picked up some fruit at the Oneota Food Co-op in town.  While there Kayla was brave enough to figure out how to use the machine to get me some freshly ground peanut butter….YUM!!


We had heard out friend Helen was having a trunk show at the quilt shop.  We tried to get there but missed it.  We didn’t realize that the quilts wouldn’t be displayed there after the showing.  UGH.  We’d have loved to have seen her.

It was a good day with the girls…but then again, it’s always a good day when the girls come home.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Saling”

  1. Isn’t it great to enjoy being with and doing fun things with our adult “kids”. I always enjoy having my kids come to visit

  2. You always sound so enthusiastic about your childcare children! They are so lucky to have you. You are probably a lot more fun for them than staying home with mom/dad! I am sure they miss you so much on days they can’t be there! Your ideas for using the shoes are great! Wish mine weren’t in high school already…..they would have loved that!

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