Saturday Outing

I have been home for many-many days and thought on Saturday I would get out.  I had several boxes of stuff that needed to be delivered…first to the ladies in Decorah that make charity quilts and then to my friend who makes the baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.

Mostly, I was wanting to get and go to the thrift store, and my other motive for getting out, I want to get food at Lesley’s Taco Truck.  It’s really the best food.  I snapped some pictures along the way so I could take you along.

First stop was the thrift store.  I saw this huge bag of buttons on cards for $8.  I popped it in my cart and then messaged Kayla to see if buttons might be something she wanted to offer for sale in her Etsy shop. (find her shop HERE)  She said YES!

I found a few other goodies but I’ll share them with you later.

Check out this beautiful secretary.  It needs a mirror…but WOW.  Only $100.  I have Grandma Kramer’s secretary and love it.  This one is similar.

While there I met up with the first lady I was dropping off goodies for.

Next stop, I decided to treat myself and go to the quilt shop.  Remember I told you I was working on the Two-Step quilt?  This one…

I need to make more of the white units and my white-based background fabric was slim pickings at my house.  I thought I would go get a stack of quarter yard cuts to liven it up.

Red Roxy’s is the fabric store in this town so off to Red Roxy’s I went.

After I left and was driving away I kicked myself for not taking photos and doing a shop tour.

Next, it was time for Lesley’s Taco Truck.  They were parked at Mr. Carpets in Decorah, Iowa.  If you live in NE Iowa, it is a must-stop spot.  The food is so good and the servings are HUGE.

Lesley and her family are super nice too.

I stopped at Goodwill too…then it was off to stop at my friend’s house that makes the baby kits.  Happily, I was able to find two flannel sheets for my friend to go along with the other four boxes of goodies for her.  She uses recycled flannel sheets to make diapers for the baby kits.  She was so thrilled to get the goodies.  So many of the goodies I delivered came from all of you.  There were the receiving blankets, flannel, diaper pins, socks, and baby gowns.  You all make me feel like Santa delivering presents and I love it!  She was so happy with the goodies you all sent.  It feels so good when others recognize your good works and support them.  Thanks so much!!

So what did I get in town?  Let me show you…There were the new fabrics I picked out.  All just quarter yard cuts.  It almost embarrasses me to only get quarter yard cuts but hey, when you make scrap quilts and want them super scrappy, I often only use 2 1/2″ of each cut.

I don’t need a lot more…

I took a quarter yard of about everything in the store that was white-white background.

Aren’t they all such happy fabrics??

Here is what I got from the thrift stores.

There were quite a few fabrics.  The pink and blue are t-shirt fabrics that I’ll send off to Carolyn who makes the baby gowns for baby care kits.  It was $3 for the pink and 50 cents for the blue.  The pink had 2 1/2 yards in it.  Yahoo.  That should make a few gowns.

The blue reproduction fabric was $3.  That was 1 yard worth.

These were all fat quarter and were 50 cents each.  I’ll put them in the novelty print collection.  I’ve been collecting and will likely send off a bunch to Christi who makes foster care quilts.

I got the small mixing bowl for me…the hankies for Kayla’s Etsy Shop.  The sunglasses for the dress-up for the kids and the pins for me.

There were more goodies for the childcare kids.  A blog reader had sent some of the glitter paint and the kids loved it so when I saw this, I grabbed it for them.  Isn’t the rabbit glove cute?  It’s homemade.  I have to find a cute rabbit rhyme and use that at circle time.

…and I got the buttons for Kayla.

I didn’t get a picture of the flannel sheets I got for my friend.  Other than that, I showed you everything.  It was just the day out I needed.

12 thoughts on “Saturday Outing”

  1. I love that two-step quilt! I’m going to make it for the new babies at Harris Health … just as soon as I finish the next several baby quilts in progress.

  2. Another fun day with lots of goodies to show for it. Nothing wrong with getting 1/4 yard cuts. They appreciate that just as much as more. They probably know you might be back. You give and give so having this fun day was very special and glad you had the chance to do it!

  3. I love the thrift stores , yours is ALOT cheaper than ours . A shirt starts at 6 and goes as high as 13 , can’t buy them to cut up at that price .

    1. Try church rumage sales for used shirts. My church has a garage sale every year. Clothing is sold by the bag. Quite a few, carefully folded shirts fit in a bag.

    2. Yes you are so right…but you might try yard sales or friends. We went to another town an hour away from us …I had Lazer surgery on my eye…then lunch and thrift stores…we had a great time…no fabric, but 2 bead kits and a quilt book and two sets of super soft twin sheets sets… there was more and we had great fun.

  4. I am sad. Your blog posts are not showing upon my Facebook feed. Is anyone else having this problem?
    I have to remember to Google your blog.

    1. I think it’s important that you regularly like the blog posts. That way Facebook knows you like it and will keep putting the posts in your feed.

  5. HI JO, Boy I wish we had good thrift shops like you have. Would be fun to go through them. I like to rummage but don”t have a lot in Lennox. A lot of people go to them so they get picked over fast. Our town has a little over 2,000 people so not too much here. Don’t know if you would have heard about the tornado,
    EF-1 with 95 miles an hour wind, we had in Lennox, SD. Was about 3 blocks from us. Can’t explain it as the
    rain was coming straight horizontal, high winds, junk blowing against our house, and lots of noise. The golf course had about 15-20 trees uprooted! Trees down on houses, Morton buildings roof 3/4 off, school’s roof raised a few places with water inside, another shed type destroyed. Some crops flattened. We had 9″ of rain which led to water in a lot of basements including ours. No one was injured so grateful for that.
    Jo, you keep really busy plus with day care kids also. You create so much time to sew which is great. I like your emails. Very interesting. I grew up in NW Iowa on a farm between Archer, Primghar, and Paullina.

  6. Mary Jeanne Bruce

    I so enjoyed following your blog and especially when you go out and about town. You are such a loving and caring woman, mother and friend. Not to mention very talented.
    Thank you from smoky Northern Californa

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