Saturday Meet Up

When I woke up on Saturday morning there was a message from Kalissa.  It said, “Let’s go shopping”.  It was sent at 5:28 am.  When I saw it, the time was closer to 6:50 am.  After a few back and forth discussions I decided I could go with.

I’m not much of a shopper and have been using Covid as an excuse for a year…but, I’ve had my shots, Kalissa has had her’s and we masked up so I didn’t really have an excuse, besides, it was time for me to go…I did need a few things.

She thought we’d go for a bit of clothes shopping.  It’s been over a year since we have done anything like that.  I was thinking about a pair of jeans…she was thinking about other clothes.  I’ve lost weight since Kramer died.  I’m about a size down in jeans but have been sinching my jeans up with my trusty Amazon belt with no buckle.

I thought it might be time to actually get a pair that fit.  So, off we went.  I took off with my new cross stitch bowl filled with floss that needed to be put on the bobbins.

I worked on that while Kalissa drove.  On the way, I asked Kalissa if it bothers her that I take stuff like that and do it.  She laughed and said, “Mom, I have lived with you my entire life.  I’m used to it!”.

As we were traveling Kayla called.  She asked what we were doing and I filled her in.  Then before long, we made plans to meet her and go out to eat.  I was slightly nervous about that but the restaurant only had a few people dining and we were far from anyone else.  See all the empty tables?

Kayla brought Jasper with her…here he is…checking out Kalissa’s phone.  He can be so serious.

I love his blue eyes…

Kayla thought he was being naughty.  He totally wasn’t.  Both Kalissa and I went out to eat with Carver at this age and in comparison, Jasper was perfect!

We hit up Michaels and Maurices before lunch.  I ended up getting not one but TWO pairs of jeans.  I got the same style, one dark wash, and one lighter wash.  YAHOO!!  I have jeans that will fit again.  I probably should buy about two more pairs and get rid of what I have but you all know me.  I’m terrible at throwing things out.  For now, I’ll start wearing my formerly good jeans for childcare and keep these two pairs for good.  So it goes…

After lunch, we went to Target.  Kalissa and I both need bras.  She needed other stuff too.  Sadly the dressing rooms were closed so it made finding bras hard.  I ended up finding one like a bra I already have at home that I like so just got the exact same one.  Boring but glad it worked out.

Kayla went with to Target.  Then she wanted to go to Old Navy.  Jasper needed a sweatshirt and she needed a pair of work pants.  She switched schools in the fall and her new school has more of a dress code.  She had bought a pair of jeans there and they had colored pants in the same style.  We were in and out of the store in minutes as she knew exactly what she wanted.

From there we parted ways.  Kayla headed south.  We headed north.  The Waterloo/Cedar Falls area is about halfway for both of us.  We left saying that we need to do this more often.  Hopefully, covid will go away so we can feel a little more comfortable about it all.  Yes, we shopped but it wasn’t the lazy stroll-around style of shopping.  It was more the get what you need and get out style of shopping.

Kalissa and I did stop at our favorite vintage store in Sumner, Iowa, Maker’s Market.  This pretty piece greeted us…

Here is a better picture…  It’s an old Hoosier-style cupboard with no doors and honestly love it like this.  I ended up going home and measured a spot for it.  It could fit but for now, I’m leaving it here.  I do love it though.

Here we are…  It was a great day together.  I was a little reluctant to go but am glad I ended up going.

I got some needed things but most importantly, I got to spend some time with Kalissa.  We rarely do anything without the boys so this was a real treat for the two of us.  It was great to meet up with Kayla and Jasper too!!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Meet Up”

  1. How fun to go shopping with your daughters then having lunch together. Plus finding the things that you were looking for and needing! So happy that you had a pleasant day. Every one needs those types of days once in a while.

  2. Yeah for you !!you got to get and have fun with your daughters and go to lunch. These days we all need to get .

  3. It looks like there was a “dough bowl” on that cupboard you liked.
    I’m sure your day was a good time. I have two daughters also & relish the times we can get together!
    Stay safe.
    Peggy S

  4. What a fun time and very productive too. So glad you were able to spend time with daughters, such a treat! I was thinking the same thing as Peggy S., looks like a dough bowl on the cupboard until you liked.

  5. Sounds like a great day! My hubby and I have bern out to eat. Some restaurants are keeping up with the social distancing.

    I’d go back and buy 5 pairs of those jeans! LOL. Styles change. I have two pairs that I love that are falling apart.

  6. How wonderful for you and your daughters. I feel much better about shopping when both of my shots are done. Jasper is getting big and what pretty eyes.

  7. Good for you. I hope my mom will do a bit more this year. She is slowing down a bit because of age, and she does not want to use a transport wheelchair for long distances. One step at a time. We have gone “out” for lunch; eating in the car or at one place we feel comfortable going in. Enjoy the family.

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