Saturday in Osage

Saturday Kelli and I took a trip over to Osage, Iowa.  We had heard that they were having a flea market type event and I have to admit, I needed to just get out of the house.

I really should have taken more pictures but I was caught up in the moment and it got away from me.

There are a few antique shops in Osage so all of those shops and a few others spilled out into the streets.  Then in a few of the area parking lots vendors set up booths.  We really weren’t in the market for anything more than a day away.

Kelli would have liked to take home the wire basket there at her feet claiming she wanted to keep fabric strips in it but it was more than our budgets allowed..besides it was the first place we looked at.  We didn’t want to spend our money too quickly.


We were really excited when we came upon this vendor.  It seems it’s a husband and wife duo.  The wife loves quilting…the husband woodworking so together they designs these awesome quilt themed pieces…some made with barn boards others not.  Aren’t these cool??


His wife paper pieced these tiny log cabin blocks and he made the frame for her…all for only something like $58!?!?!?  They were gorgeous.


I loved these pieces he did as well.

They were both super friendly and fun to talk with.  If you are a quilter you know how special it is to find another quilter on the street and you can just chat.  It’s such a treat to find people who speak the language and they definitely did.  Their work was WONDERFUL.  If you’re ever looking for a gift I am sure they could set you up.   I did grab their card.  Good news..I got some contact information for us too.  Here is their Facebook page.  The name of their business is Wooden Ties and they are located in Armstrong, Iowa.

From there we ventured into an antique shop.  This little cow caught my eye.  I remember my nephew having one.  We called her “Molly Moo Cow”.  I don’t know it that was her real name or something we made up.  My nephew would pull it along as a pull toy then if he squeezed the bell at the end of the pull she would tilt her head back and moo.


I love-love-loved this cabinet.  It was a little used but far from used up.  Honestly, I really loved it.  Had I know I had a place to put it, I would have snapped it up.  I love the blue that is painted in the inside of the cupboard.  I love the dividers in the glass panes too.  Once the house is done I just might have to do back for a visit…that is if I can find some place in the house for it.


They had two other “Hoosier style” cabinets.  Typically I love the non painted things so much better than the painted…not this time.


The antique shop also had a few punch needle projects which reminded both Kelli and I that we have punch needle projects that need attention.


From there it was on to more vendor booths.  I liked this old sewing machine cabinet.  It’s a Singer.


I bought a bench from this vendor.  It wasn’t very old but it was a size I can use.


Right now at this house, Ruby often jumps up into the bay window and suns herself or watches what is going on outside.  At the house in town there isn’t a spot of that.  I am hoping to chalk paint the bench in charcoal and put it in on the rooms upstairs for her.

From another vendor I bought this…I am the biggest sucker for deviled egg dishes and for chicken things…I especially liked the coloring on this one and for $6 it was a fun find.


From there we went onto the cross stitch shop.  I’ll tell you more about that later…

We didn’t leave Osage without a stop to a local favorite, Teluwut (“tell you what” is how it’s pronounced).  Neither of us had really ate all day so we were hungry.  We ended up settling on appetizers.  We had no idea it would be so much food.  We had sweet potato fried, bacon wrapped shrimp and loaded criss cuts.  Most of the criss cuts went home for Hubby to eat.


The day was exactly what I needed.   With Kalissa moving to Waucoma and Karl being here until his apartment opened up, both of them have been in town and end up doing my errands.  Except for working at the house in town it had been almost two weeks since I had been anywhere.

Stop  back and I’ll give you a peak of the cross stitch shop.

Today I’m hooking up with Colorado Lady’s Vintage Thursday.

7 thoughts on “Saturday in Osage”

  1. My mom and I had really fun days like that a lot before I had kids. Now, it’s definitely a different type of fun :)

  2. Everyone deserves a day like that – memories are made…..
    That type of woodworking is called intarsia – my Dad has made many projects both
    Quilt block style & whimsical characters for my Grandchildren. I never knew there was so many
    Colors of wood until he brought a clown home one spring. They are very neat.

  3. Hey yeah, we get cabin fever in the summer time, too, LOL! Good for you for getting out and about. I have a small paint book that I’d like to drop in the mail to you, btw. Please email me with your new mailing address, thanks!

  4. Great day of shopping and some reconnisance work for future acquisitons! I have been looking for a Hoosier cabinet but any that I have seen in Southern Ontario, Canada that are worth having are outrageously pricey. So, I’ve got to ask, how much were those 2 you saw priced at?

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