Saturday Hospital Update

Well…We are getting closer to going home.  We are both excited about that.  We have the pain under control when we are here at the hospital.  The problem is that some of these meds are IV meds.  We can’t go home with an we have to transfer the med that are IV to pills that can be taken at home.  Nothing is quite the same or in quite the same dosages.  So we experiment and poor Kramer in the guinea pig.

Today was his best day ever.  Last night was his best night but still he did tank a little in the morning.  They ended up needing to give him an IV drug so….ugh.  No going home today.  So we try again tonight.

We had company with us Friday and Saturday….Seeing the boys is just what we both needed.  Grandma’s “Carver Bucket” was running empty.  I’m so used to seeing him every day that we both needed a little recharge.

To be honest, I think Kalissa has gotten used to me having Carver some so she needed a break from Carver!!  He’s all of two and a handful.

I’m so thankful that Kramer is getting better at letting us take pictures.  In  the past he’s complained.  Now he’s better.

What do you think of the Hawaiian shirt??  It’s not his usual.  Plaid or striped western shirts have been his preference.  When we left the house for the ER last Sunday our VERY last thought was for clothes for him so I was sent to WalMart to get a few things.  As you know, WalMart does not have snap western shirts.  Before I left the hospital I said, “WalMart doesn’t have western shirts.  Would a Hawaiian shirt be okay?”  He said yes.

I ended up finding some pajama bottom pants to match.  I love the outfit.  EVERYONE at the hospital did too.  Seriously every person that came in said something about his shirt from the chaplain, to the nurses, to physical therapy to the CNAs.   They all thought is was a pretty cool shirt to be wearing in the hospital.

I ended up having to back to Wal-Mart to get a few things…I got him another Hawaiian shirt.  He’ll be styling that’s for sure.

Here’s a picture of Kalissa’s family with Kramer. 

I can’t tell you how awesome our kids are.  They have been the HUGEST support to us ever.

Friday night the kids wanted to take me out for supper because I got a good report on my cancer full body scan.  We ended up at a Mexican restaurant here in Lacrosse.  Spencer left the table early and unknown to us, paid for the whole table.  Kayla later said that her and Spencer so appreciate all the Craig and Kalissa do for us, and wanted to somehow thank them and this was the only way they could think of.  Isn’t that so sweet??  It warmed my heart.  Kayla does underestimate what she does do though.

Today I’ve been put in charge of the feeding tube.  The nurses have been great teachers for me.  Kramer can’t do it himself as he can’t bend his neck to see to do it. I don’t mind at all and it’s really not hard.  I just have to remember all the steps.  I appreciate being able to learn under the help of some great nurses.

As I write my fingers are crossed and prayers are sent that tonight is a good night.  We need a good night so we can go home.  We need to start this new chapter of our lives.

28 thoughts on “Saturday Hospital Update”

  1. Keeping you in my prayers that you’ll be able to go home tomorrow and that all goes well there. You have a great family!

  2. Mary Ann Mettler

    Prayers for a good night – so glad he has the feeding tube for nutrition. I know a couple of moms who have to do that for their children and they are pros and I admire them so much. Now I have something else to admire you for Jo. Thanks for the update and the pictures are wonderful. So good to see the baby doing well too.

  3. You are the perfect example of true love, for better or for worse. I know you don’t want a pat on the back but you deserve it. Kramer looks great in the photo, much healthier than pictures posted in the past couple of months. His coloring is so good. Is it the colorful Hawaiian shirt? Will specifically pray for a good night and pain control so you can go home tomorrow.

  4. Sending good wishes to the entire Kramer family because when one member is down it affects the entire family. It’s plain to see you all love each other deeply. Fred and I have been married for 65 years so I know love when I see it. I hope you are all free from pain both physical and mental. You are such a wonderful family,
    I just started reading your blog (Jo) when you mentioned Kramer’s cancer.
    Praying for you. Mary in Orlando, FL.

  5. When I saw the first picture, I was surprised about Kramer’s shirt. He looks good and the bright colors look good on him. Praying for a good night and you all get to go home Sunday. Thanks for sharing.

  6. how can Kramer wear regular clothes in the hospital? when my husband was in for testing for 2 days before surgery, the nurse found out he was wearing gym shorts and underwear under his hospital gown; she just striped him and said no clothes expect gowns in the hospital! then off they tookhim for tests in a wheelchair with his bare butt exposed and only his hospital gown to cover the rest of him. I willnever go back to that hospital ever again!!!

  7. Prayers for a good night! He’s looking so good, and that shirt looks good on him! Great support from family is so important.

  8. Penny Holliday

    I think the Hawawiin shirt is just what Kramer needed ~ looks great ~ & I hope it helped cheer him! Love the pictures & hope that you will have them framed! Keeping the KRAMERS(Strong!) in my prayers & that Kramer is able to return home tomorrow(Sun)!

  9. My hubby has worn Hawaiian shorts for years! They are so colorful and happy! I think your hubby looks great in them too! Love the pictures!! Hope he gets sprung today!!!! Jo you are so blessed with your kids helping like they do!!! A lot of families don’t have supportive families!!!

  10. A wonderful family all pulling together. Such a heartwarming post. Love that Hawaiian shirt, so colourful! Thoughts and prayers for a good night.

  11. Praying for a goodnight. I think the shirt is “styling”. In fact I’m really impressed he has been dressed while in the hospital. Gosh when I’m there it’s hospital gowns and bed head.
    Lots of love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  12. Prayers, as always. I thought Kramer looked good in the pictures. I hope he continues to get the right dosage so you can both go home. This is a long journey for you and your whole family, but you can do this. Love the Kramer strong shirts. How blessed you are to have a wonderful following and a wonderful supportive family. Hugs to Kramer and Kramer!

  13. Kramer looks so cool in his Hawaiian shirt! I love those and have a few myself. Continued prayers and best wishes for all.

  14. You are on the countdown for radiation treatments and that’s gotta feel good. Kramer is looking good in his island wear! I’m going to Walmart to see about those pajama bottoms for my guy—they look like jeans! Hugs to you all!

  15. I read this last night and was heartened by the news. I kept thinking there was something I should tell you but couldn’t put my finger on it. If you have any qualms about the feeding tube, have someone video you on your phone while the medical team is guiding you. You can then review it at home whenever you need a boost in your confidence about getting everything done just so. Here’s to going home!

  16. I love the Hawaiian shirts! full of bright cheerful colors is perfect for making one feel better in the hospital. I so glad your getting close to going home and also glad to hear you got a good report on your own scan.
    Kramer Strong shirts are rocking in the family pictures.

  17. Oh, Jo, Kramer, & Family!! Wonderful pictures! With Carver’s head leaning on his grandpa … my favorite!
    Tonight WILL be pain controlled, Roger!! I’ll bet you feel it, too!
    All the pictures are very nice! On Sat. my husband bought his first Hawaiian Shirt!
    Lots of prayers, good thoughts, & hugs to ALL the family!!

  18. Jeri Niksich

    So good to See some smiling pictures from a hospital room, to me that means love standing strong no matter where your family is. I pray for y’all every day! Prayer is a wonderful thing. I’m far from being a nurse except maybe a bandaid over a scratch but if I remember correctly doesn’t Kramer have a port put in? I’m not sure if they can be used for pain meds. When I was released from hospital years ago I still had to have very strong antibiotics that would ” blow out my veins ” via my IV so I was sent home with my port and my doctor had antibiotics UPS’d to me to keep refrigerated until used twice a day. I wonder if his pain meds could be done that way as well. Like I said I’m more an impatient patient that a nurse or doctor. I pray you all get to come home today or at the very least after Kramer’s treatment Monday.

  19. Wonderful pictures today! Your whole family is amazingly positive and supportive of one another. You are a picture of what family is all about.
    Love the Hawaiian shirt, Kramer!

  20. Thank you for the family picture. I was especially happy to see that Gannon was there in Grandpa’s arm, and that he is back to his normal self. God is good, all the time. I am keeping you in my prayers every day. You are blessed to have a very supportive family close by.

  21. Here’s hoping you get to “spring” Kramer soon! As for that collar getting overly uncomfortable with the heat, make a Turtleneck collar to put on under it. Makes it much more comfortable as the weather gets warmer. (Been there, done that!)

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