Saturday- Fun-ish Day!

I caught my first cold of the Fall.  UGH.  Wednesday I was wondering if allergies were kicking in…Thursday I was pretty sure it wasn’t allergies and likely a cold and Friday I knew a whopper of a cold had caught me…but I had Saturday plans and went with them.

I had a date with these three.

In the neighboring town, Fort Atkinson, they host an old fashion Rendezvous each year.  There’s a historic military fort there that is pressurved as a museum.  Each year people dressed as characters like military men and old settlers come and spend the weekend.  There are lot of booths there that visitors can observe and shop at.  It’s simple but always fun…an added bonus, there are no admission fees.

But before I could get up and away with these gals, I had some work to do.  I had gotten in some fabric for charity and I boxed and packaged it all up.  I didn’t know but our post office is open from 8am to 8:45 each Saturday morning so I was able to get packages there myself.  Can you believe the postage costs came to $127.  I swear postage goes up each and every time I go!!

I’ve been super frustrated with the post office lately.  A package that I had sent to Canada was rejected at customes as in in the return address I wrote “Kramer” and not “Jo Kramer”.  So I had to pay postage on that package twice.  Also I had previously shipped one of these package you see in above in a white poly mailer bag.  I wrote on it with a Sharpie marker.  The package was returned to me in a box from the postoffice.  Apparently the package had been dropped in water and the address smeared so bad that they couldn’t mail it.  The package was returned to me and AGAIN, I had to pay double postage on the package.  Frustrating…but like our local clerk says (I like her and she’s nice) “we can’t drive it there”.  UGH.

Then after the post office, Kalissa came and picked me up….and my load of JUNK.  Kalissa and I had plans to go to the antique mall and refresh our booths after the Rendezvous.

We ended up stopping at a couple garage sales as we met up with Kelli but bought enough stuff that we couldn’t fit it in the pickup.  It’s all stuff to resell.

The weather for the being outside at the event was COLD.  Thankfully we threw in gloves for Carver at the last second…and he had his blanket with.

In years past we’ve taken the stairs…(picture from a previous year when we went)


This year with a two year old, a wagon, two pregnant people and me with my cold, we took the bus.  Carver was thrilled.

I ended up buying him this little goofy wooden alligator that he really loves.  It amazing how much more fun these events are with little ones.  We were never lucky enough to have grandparents close enough to come with us when ours were little.  I can see it’s much easier on Kalissa when Kelli and I were with too.

From there, Kelli took Carver to her house for an “auntie” afternoon and Kalissa and I took off for Harmony, Minnesota to go to our antique mall.  We reset EVERYTHING.  Can you believe we were there for about 4 hours??  Here’s how is looks now….The lighting isn’t the best so the pictures aren’t the best.

I have another post coming up about the antique booth so look for more pictures then.

By the time we got home it was about 5:30pm and I was pooped.  Hubby was still working in the field.

I soaked in the bath tub and then put on some comfy clothes.  I pulled out a quilt that we are putting the last touches on before it gets sent out for publication.  I needed to hand sew down the sleeve.  It was a perfect project for how I was feeling.

We’re ahead of schedule on this one.  It doesn’t need to be to the publisher until December.  Oh my it feels good to be ahead of schedule for once.

That was my Saturday….my Sunday evening was spent the same way.  We had another quilt that I need to sew the sleeve down on….This was the perfect job for me to do while I wasn’t feeling the best.  Too bad I didn’t have one for Monday night too!!

9 thoughts on “Saturday- Fun-ish Day!”

  1. Oh my, I’m shivering just thinking about that cold weather coming my way. The booth looks marvelous! Military reenactments are fun to visit. We visited Fort Concho in Ft. Worth for a reenactment weekend years ago. Hope your cold leaves quickly.

  2. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    I’ll be sending a check your way for postage! That is a lot for you to bare all by yourself. I know it is charity but shouldnt be a burden.

  3. Marilyn in Baton Rouge

    Send some of that cold weather south! We are still in the 90’s with high humidity in south Louisiana. How is Karl doing in Houston? I’m sure it’s just as hot there. Love your blog. Thank you.

  4. One of those packages won’t be costing you double postage- it arrived here already! I haven’t had a chance to open it up and figure out what my plan is to make best use of the blocks and pieces yet, but looking forward to getting it done.

  5. I was a participant at the Fort Atkinson rendezvous again this year. It is my husband and I’s 20th year participating. We love it so much and consider it our end of summer adventure because you never know what the weather will be like! Last year it was in the upper 90’s, this year, cold & damp. ‍♀️ You just never know with this rendezvous what the weather will be. I would have loved meeting you! Maybe some other time I will get the opportunity. Thank you for your blog! I truly enjoy reading it everyday from one Iowa girl to another.

  6. Hope you are feeling better, colds are a bummer. I sure enjoy seeing your booths, you are both so creative with your displays.

  7. Print your postage online. or right on the website. Get some free regional boxes, if you shipping in the midwest, its substantial savings. The B regional is about the size of a large flat rate box. Use Parcel Select for large, heavy boxes…although that’s no longer a huge cost savings after the last rate increase.

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