Saturday Fun Day

Friday of last week Kalissa talked to me and asked if I was up for shopping on Saturday.  UGH…. NO!  I am not a fan of the shopping Kalissa likes to do…you know, Target, Hobby Lobby, Home store.  UGH.  As much as like to spend time with her, I was not up for that kind of shopping.  Thankfully Kalissa is super and wasn’t offended when I said, “I will only shop if it means the Bent and Dent and Oelwein”.

If you haven’t been “bent and dent” shopping, you haven’t lived!!  It’s the best shopping ever and the only grocery shopping I love.  The “bent and dent” stores are stores that are discounted because the groceries are bent or dented….or over stocked.  They have these stores in all of the Amish communities in our area.  I LOVE going to them.

Kalissa said okay, she was game to go.  Craig kept Carver so we were kid free.  We both agreed that as much as we love Carver, kid free is pretty fun too!  So off we went.

You might remember a couple weeks ago I went and visited our daughter Kayla who lives in Monticello.  We went to her “bent and dent” grocery stores and her store was even better than ours.  So as Kalissa and I were driving we started talking about what was on our list.  I lamented that I wish we were going to Kayla’s bent and dent instead and that when Kalissa said, “Well, let’s call Kayla and go”….and we did.  She was free so we made plans to head towards Kayla’s.

We did stop at our bent and dent for a quick stop first….they had bunnies for sale outside.  Kalissa had to check them out.

The meat truck was there so we loaded up on some goodies there….

Then we headed towards Kayla’s.   She had show and tell.  She got her ABC baby afghan done.  Check it out….

We stopped at Kayla’s thrift store where Kalissa found lots of clothes for Carver and then went on to her “bent and dent”…the deals were WONDERFUL!  I told the girls I needed a picture to document the day.

Kayla only recently started to go to the Amish stores near her so she didn’t know about the others.  We asked at the grocery store and they pointed us on to a hardware and general store.  We saw this sign there.

Kalissa ended up finding all of these AMAZING wooden toys at the general store.  She wanted all of them for Carver but we decided that we think it’s better to wait a couple years…he’s too little to appreciate them yet.

We circled around to Delhi and had a late lunch…from there we parted ways.  Kalissa and I headed homeward and Kayla to her home.

Kalissa and I stopped in Lamont at a little antique store.  I bought a bookshelf but there was absolutely no room in the car.  We were filled to the brim with groceries.  That’s about when Craig called and asked Kalissa to pick up something at the grocery store.  That’s when I too remembered I needed a couple things at the grocery store.  Yes, I know I said we already had a car filled with groceries BUT there are some thing the grocery store has that bent and dents don’t….so we stopped.

I asked Kalissa to move one pack of beer and grab the one behind it as the front one had a broken handle.  Kalissa reached for the back one and the entire side of the case ripped open.  We started laughing.  We ended up taking the first original one as that was in better shape than the newly ripped one.

We ended up at the register and were laughing and joking with the check out lady.  When referring to a pack of beer, I accidentally said, “The Select 65 is mine…I meant the Select 55”.  Well we both started laughing all over again as it was the same case that we had been laughing about only minutes later that had ripped open.  Then Kalissa said,  “oh mom, I know we only just got you out of rehab but you do remember it’s Select 55.”  We started laughing all over again.  I reassured the check out girl that I didn’t just come out of rehab.  She just looked at us all silly.  Then Kalissa said, “I knew I shouldn’t have let you have a bloody mary for lunch”.  Oh my…we were in a mood and the laughing started all over again.  I know it was entirely silly and inappropriate but you know…at 52 years old, it’s fun to feel all silly again.

Well it didn’t end there.  The gal helped us out to the vehicle with the groceries and the laughing started all over again when we tried to get the groceries into the car.  We were moving and reposition things when an avalanche of groceries came down on us.  It was comedic.

We finally got the groceries in the car and ourselves.  We sat in the car laughing and laughing for about five minutes before we could collect ourselves enough to drive away.  Oh my.  My stomach hurt so much the next day.  I have no idea what the gals at the grocery thought of us.

Anyway….it was a fun trip all around.  My cupboards are all FULL now…and I still have a smile on my face when I think of the look on Kalissa’s face when she reached for the case of beer and the entire side ripped open.  Oh my….what a fun day!!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Fun Day”

  1. I love the discount grocery stores too! Around here they’re called bents and bargains. The prices are so low that people who don’t shop there don’t believe you when you tell them the prices.

  2. Sounds like a really REALLY FUN shopping trip! So glad you are still having fun with your daughters even though they are grown up ❤️

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t get a wooden toy or two for you or your husband to paint now and give to Carver later.

  4. I am a sorta sewer who enjoys your blog. I am a crocheter, though, and would love to buy the pattern for the ABC baby Afghan. Could you post where to get the pattern? Thanks so much.

  5. I think I answered my own question. I looked at Ravellry and found a pattern by Mary Walker. It was two-toned. I really like the variety of colors and the non-alphabet granny squares in Kayla’s blanket.

    I have given away all my yarn scraps to a substance abuse residential program where I have been giving weekly crochet lessons for the 14 months. After they ladies learn to crochet with yarn, we make sleeping mats for the homeless out of Plarn (plastic grocery bag yarn).

    I guess I’ll have to buy lots of yarn!!!

  6. Okay, Jo. I saw the quilt and stars sign and had to have one. I ended up finding one on Etsy! Yay!! My husband would have loved it as stars have a special meaning to our family.
    I guess all those wood trucks are Amish made? I would have gone ahead and gotten a couple for Carver. I really doubt he’s too young for them. You could go back and get some and paint them and have them ready for his birthday or Christmas (which ALWAYS seems to sneak up quickly).
    Looks like you all had a great fun day! Thanks for sharing!

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