Saturday Day, Sewing Day!

Kelli came home for a sewing day….or hang out day or whatever we made of it day.

Our first order of business was to trim up the quilt we are working on that Carla (of Longarm Quilting Inspirations) quilted for us.  Carla does great work and I love it!!

Above is our “keeping it real photo”.  While we were trying to trim, Carver was playing fetch with Puppycat, Kelli’s beagle.  They would run and tear across the quilt.  Kelli and I just trimmed away.

Here’s our smiling happy version.
After this we took more pictures of the quilt and got the measurements and info ready so we could submit the quilt for publication.  We never know if anyone will accept it…where or which of their publications they want it for or the price they are willing to pay.  It’s a crap shoot.  Some might make the cover some don’t and ones we think won’t make the cover do.  It’s an interesting process for sure.

Kelli did some extra work last week and submitted two other quilts so this week is a waiting game.  We have THREE quilts out for submission.  We might hear something from someone and we might not.

While Kelli was here I talked her into setting out our BOM quilt we are suppose to be working on.  We thought we were coming to the end but didn’t know…here’s how it looks.

Kelli has the center and I have the last two blocks to do before we get to the border.  I am starting to believe the end is in sight which is good as we both are running out of the little steam we had.

I’m hoping to get my blocks done this week and then onto the never ending border.

After that we switched gears and started working on this….I had an itch to start another paper piecing project.  I finished Pineapple Crazy when a friend of mine asked me if I was submitting that to a magazine….She didn’t know it was a Bonnie Hunter pattern but after I explained that she understood.  Well I was planning to start Bonnie Hunter’s Wild and Goosey quilt but after she said that I got thinking why don’t I come up with something of my own.  Why don’t I sew it and eventually submit it??

I had an idea that was drawn out but I didn’t like it as it finished at 6″.  I wanted something smaller.  I showed it to Kelli and asked if she could help me resize it.  Kelli did some math and figuring and tweaking making it so it will be 4″ finished.

We ran upstairs and did a test block.  Oh my word.  We were in love!!  Isn’t that so stinking cute.  It’s small and packed full of scrappy goodness.

Want to hear the best part of all???  Kelli paper pieced.  She NEVER does.  Has never has done a big project of it.  She was HAPPILY paper piecing with me.

We’ve decided we are going to tackle this quilt together.

So then we spent a good chunk of time fighting my printer.  It was TERRIBLE at printing the foundation papers.

That “smile” on Kelli’s face is not a real smile at all.  It’s totally fake!!  Oh the printer was awful!

To make the quilt we need to print something crazy like 400 pages of pattern. (OH MY)  After a couple hours of fighting we got my printer to do about 50 pages.  She decided to take the papers home and try to see if her printer could handle it.  UGH.

All in all, it was a fun day and exactly what I needed.  I caught up on a few things, got some things “finished for now” and some things started.  Most importantly, I got to hang out with Kelli.

14 thoughts on “Saturday Day, Sewing Day!”

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the quilt you submitted! What an awesome idea with the stars!! And the new paper pieced block is beyond cute!!!!

  2. I love the new block and look forward to seeing more of it. Good luck with the 3 out for submission, hope we see them published.

  3. I have discovered that it’s easier, and in the long run less expensive, to take the foundation papers to a local printer. I’m charged .04 cents a page and they do in in about one minute. Saves my ink etc so I figure that the hassle is worth it and the price balances out.

  4. I think both your paper pieced block and the quilt you were trimming will get picked up. They’re fun different twists on familiar things, which makes them feel accessible when you’re thumbing a magazine, but different enough to feel like you need to try that.

  5. Enjoyed your post, as always. Here is what I have done in a pinch for paper piecing patterns. Use a printed page, place it on top of 4 to 6 plain pages. Choose an un threaded machine and lenthen the stitch a bit. Paper clip all pages together so they wont shift, then stitch the printed lines. It works .

  6. SusanfromKentucky

    Love the big quilt! I would have been a great Autumn design! Love your little blocks, too. I thought, I’ve seen those before. (Slapping my forehead!) On Instagram!!!

  7. The quilts are beautiful – Good luck on your submissions – I would love to hear the process in its entirety on how you come up with a quilt all the way to submission and the magazines or companies acceptance. It sounds like a long process!
    That last is so cute! Love it a lot!

  8. Jo and Kelli, Keep working on the Civil War quilt….it is beautiful when done. I have it on my bed. Here’s a tip: use Bonnie Hunter’s technique for cutting the boarder pieces and also use as a “Leader and Ender” while sewing something else, maybe!! I made mine before I knew about Bonnie’s helpful tips. Keep at it as you’ll both be so satisfied when that quilt is to the finish line!!

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