Saturday Auction Goodies

On Saturday Kelli and I had intended on meeting up with one of our blog readers, Ila.  Then life kind of got in the way and those plans didn’t work out.  Hubby had intended on going to an auction while we were gone but being our plans had changed he thought we should go to the auction and he should stay home and work…and so it was…Kelli and I were off to an auction.

The purpose of going to the auction was to try to purchase the butcher block table you all recommended that I get.  While I was there I was suppose to keep an eye on a queen sized bed, a wheel barrow, a cooler with fireman logos on it, table and chairs for the new quilting room, and the butcher block.

We got there early, got a bidding number and left to do some other errands.  We came back and left again for more errands.  The next time we came back we were getting closer.

We got the cooler with the fireman logo.  We got the wheel barrow.  We didn’t get the table and chairs due to an error on the auctioneer’s part.  Next up the butcher block.

After reading all of you comments on what to do with our kitchen design, Hubby and I agreed with what many of you suggested.  It’s our kitchen do what we want.  We were talking and chatting some more and decided, the butcher block table would be perfect.  The best of both worlds.  I could be a small island and our table will still fit.  Now, I know that the chances of finding another butcher block would be few and far between so I had gone to ebay to see how much to expect to pay.  They were listed anywhere between $300 for smaller ones to $1200.  Well that wasn’t good news.   This one, did need some fixing so we were hoping on the cheaper end of things.  My final bid was $110.  I was so happy…ELATED actually because now that we had made a decision, I kind of had my heart set on it.

Then the auctioneer said, you must have help lifting it.  Be VERY careful as it is just sitting on the legs and they aren’t permanently attached.  UGH.  Now to figure out how to load it.

We ended up buying the queen sized bed but that’s a story I’ll tell another day.  Anyway, we needed more room for transport so I called Hubby..or at least tried to.  Remember those errands we had to do.  One of the errands was to get him a new cell phone.  I ended up calling and leaving messages for him to come hoping he’d check a answering machine or someone would get word to him.  He ended up coming to rescue us.  I am so thankful.  There is no way we could have handled that on our own.

The plan for the butcher block is to take it to the cabinet maker.  We think we’ll have him do the repair and also build a cabinet for it to sit on.  It will have wheels that have the ability to lock.  I am pretty excited about it.

but…the highlight of my day was Kelli.  She had never bought anything herself at an auction.  She has attend many times with me..but never bought something herself.  She desperately wanted this dog comic book.  It was filled with information on dogs.  She was a little sad because the beagle on the front was cut but still, she really wanted it.  We razzed each other back and forth her asking me to buy and me saying no it was time she learned to bid.  The book was in a stack of vintage comic books.  She only wanted the one.  I told her to go up and ask the helper if that could be sold separately.  She hemmed and hawed and finally did.  She bid…and got her comic book for $3.


All in was a great auction.  We paid much less for everything than what our limit was so it was a win-win.

Today we are linking up with Colorado Lady’s Vintage Thursday.

13 thoughts on “Saturday Auction Goodies”

  1. Lord you all have such good auctions out your way! Nothing like that here on East Coast VA! My DH would have been bidding on that butcher block against ya!;-)

  2. Only $110!! Congratulations!! I’ve never been to an auction. It must have been so scary for Kelli to bid for herself. Good for her!
    I tell ya, blogs are like living in many different worlds at the same time. Like reading a book, but you never know what is going to happen because you can’t skip to the end and read the finish. Thanks for all the hard work you put in on your blog – and living!

  3. Great buy in that butcher’s block. My friend has a similar one that she paid much more for years ago. It sits in the kitchen of her antique log and brick home. I think it has the original legs on it. She has some kind of ring above it that holds her gadgets. I just looked at a picture that I have of it-the legs are pretty substantial. If I can I will send you a picture.
    I guess I can’t send a picture.

    Congrats on a great buy!

  4. I love Auctions…and have had some heart pounding moments at some!! I have a great story about two antique cut glass windows…both of which accidentally came home with me!! Got to love it!!

  5. I would say the auction was a success for the great buys you found. I would have loved to have that sweet comic book as well. I love the butcher block so much. Enjoy the bargain purchases. I love to go to the auction and it amazes me when some things are such a wonderful buy.
    xo, Jeanne

  6. Sure do like your new banner!! Love your idea of putting a cabinet under the butcher block – don’t get rid of the legs, there may be a use for them down the road. Great photo of Kelli – she looks very proud of her auction buy!

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